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Saturday, November 10, 2018

This Fantasy is Ambition

Following   the gaunt   pose of a solo   voice ever    voided in the drift   toward Vesey

Suddenly       she lost his    name and more   than that his avenue      his usual coming forth   his

Mutilated   revolution’s bruise of      river in a vase of slipped    petals and pills she lost  his way of talking of erasing   her

And  taking  off the     gaze for the   other gaze his    voice his vessel his avarice        pink lips on

A   sunless    neck lavender with  bruises heckle this   event say sun drenched    say one templed yell       so long boy toyota voice     roadless until bill moyers says what a dragon   is what this ego is what listless letters   we had before the machine made us sellers of   it one through five best sissies bribed by nothing   bitches

God, I could  use someone to   yell expletives   at once a month     

Thank god  I found you    in the blue   tunnel under Malibu    driving though like it wasn’t on  fire and you too my   effigy my legion of heat  bent bones on leather drum nest you          ready as the new sound

The  time of    matriarchy   followed

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What  strangled    me the   farce in    the nightsnake   or the narcissism     of all survival instincts              didn’t make it to morning

         What bleeds     bleeds ardently           or trips over suffocation      to g e t to lemon clenched as   many yellow entryway henchmen    huddle in their citrus grins

    And by   then divine     intervention is as    good a s the last    song and as long false    

You’ll     find yourself      humming middle notes    to the Boy if  you don’t   get Vine   compilation      winding your hips    possessed by the    rhythm of eight seconds    of hearsay It was     expiation

          such expensive    fun for eight   seconds one Sunday    they all danced in blackface     

Toward     the same   dazed revenge           I’d been trapped in eternal    with some oxytocin so long    I felt imperialism giving my    body an offer it couldn’t refuse      and I jumped too grabbed you by the   hand and the chasm it was Sunday                 they spent their lotto money on tarot and braids     we made drugs in the basement jumped our simulations   and fucked for free