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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Other trees

At the very start I must warn the reader that we may not share the same understanding of such common words as oracle, god, gods, deities, angels, spirits, niggas, negus, nigggahs, beauty, will, spirit, soul, mind, omniverse, individual, food, hood, understanding, subconscious, honkey, perm, magic, miracle, success, law, grace, race, thinking, beliefs, analysis, synthesis, religion, meditation, animal, emotions, consciousness, human, hasbeen, womb, ghost, vampire, soloist, master, jazz, jaws, entertainer, laugh, cattle, clown, dad, deed, terror, love, marriage, adultery, sainthood, freedom, discipline, needle, polygamy, gun, money, and many, many, many other words, and unless we get on the the same page regarding the meaning of these terms and their related objects, and concepts, this work will not be fully useful to the reader.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paper isn't too much of a problem

And despair    can abandon        us  but   hope  can't    when           Prisoners   don't  own their   own images   so         all the new stars           got      bars      and   bards   to tell it    are  so out of   style    like     motors      and  Sunday        

                      believe  me,  mama,

     The true    ugly   thing   is the pretending             like martyrs    and sunday  

                                             I'm   out here  looking for  revenge      he  screams
All summer  '16

                                   The  true   ugly   thing      is  all  our men   go crazy    tenderly  in radio     and         fear  is   not brave    Nat Turner    week                
                                                                                          we could see our names    to  trees      and set them easy   on   fire    til we    can   mutter   the
                                                                                 effigies        as flight    

as pattern

Louis Vuitton checkers   and an attitude      like    we  done  something    

not to become better consumers
not to become better consumers

not to look  for  mercy  

(that nigga's  crazy  

Sunday, January 31, 2016

To have the body

What is suffering
What is justice
What is language
What is a story
Whose story are you gonna believe?
Who is in charge

Would we survive outside of history?
Me and you and the Heartbreak, Kid?

So he's a great man?

Someday I'm gonna do this  in America

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It used to make me dream faster

That I wonder   if every white    man    when he   plants a tree,   doesn't see a negro hanging from its  branches  

                       and which   vision   could I be            

                                                                                    Papa,      look     at your   shadow  

Mama is no mulatto/casual    hanging    from    the  oak

                                                     Ad goes           Become a minister   online™    

Enjoying this?   Why not leave a comment?™        Malcolm  was in Africa™ during   all of the riots  that summer       wonder    what  would've   been     come    of   his shadow             is  the ecstatic    loss of    self   a black   spirit      habit    or else         get   out   of     jail   free
                                                                            get  out of jail  free          

He hopes  the communists    blow   you people   up        

                                                                                               with  love
                                                       confesses   this      weeping

double  shadow             those        hopes                know    to make