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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Maafa, I don't know

The bloated yellow roar   of near bones      

Some    stellar   erosion       makes a human         body but I feel   closest   

To  home   in the    digging even   with the walls    around it like jail 

The    school   centers early     gardens romance        Slave named Adam       

   Billie’s      limp gardenia      Facile confirmations     like Eve was a black      serpent    

and  she   used her    teeth to sing              there was no chewing no tone    scar of hunger     

Whatever     you accuse          her of tasting       she was just telling you    its name     

My   name   is Maafa     and I spit       star guts at the     craft of ease   

I own everything          my knees are in  this mud stewing it   to charter searching   

For the    mineral they      are tender   circles of blame       give our creation story   

The   range   of a   jaded spring        clapping its bounty     down      

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