Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

But the saddle is still casual  

back in that colony  

black in a wall of yellow     we    neglected ourselves to become ourselves   to make room for becoming      some negroes bleach our elbows   and there are   ads   for that     in  Jet  and    the cabaret    attitude  Liberia  don't  be rude   but the end of nearness is when honesty  becomes cruel  or even    useful  like   cruises  for old capitalist couples  who need activities    and proof    One or two   Grace Paley stories  make me feel   the safest  place   and that safety     betrays    latent  fears   faced then banished   fear of looseness   fear  of missions    love of fear  of men    etc.    for example 

another  camel  in my  new mind     another  fancy  pacing    water          

Although it's no longer  in vogue  to fetishize     our oppression       on sundays   
the kids  put the mouths of the guns  they got for christmas   to their lips   and act    like  trumpets    

Monday, June 22, 2015

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Against Restrictive Covenants

And when water gets up to the bloom ( advanced reassurance)

The words are really important for me
The words are really important for me 
The words    really  important for me  
The words are     really  portent for me 
really The words are really    for me    for me.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Every Free Man

The people cooped up in this country no longer discern the contour of human personality. Every free man appears to them as an eccentric

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We can't all be innocent

enough      to   balance    as    a goddess   on the hinges of the present

( section on momentum)
(on methods of forgetting)

If they don't see the happiness in the picture  at least they'll see the black™

Smashbox photo filter foundation powder  

Neitzche's On the Use and Abuse of History for Life 

I thought about having Black Life Matters engraved on converse high tops that I would wear with prairie mini dresses   in Paris,  Texas   and Paris, France   and    Parody   lamborghini   morning  moaning  mourning

Fell asleep cradling Mao's Little Red Book  

Notes: Send Love Call

Eat more watermelon

Rhodiola  / adaptogen

Shot by the bullet of montage

They love to watch  moving images  in the Hollywood Forever cemetery  but pretend they don't believe in god    ™

If they don't see the happiness in the picture at least they'll see the black 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"My Idea"

How we come to understand what we want

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

When the party needs us our hearts are filled with denial

Why are you listening to so much Rahsaan Roland Kirk, these days?

Because he is in a trance next to me and he looks at me without seeing me 

Does that bring you solace/completion?

That brings me to the picture of our father as a baby hanging from a tree   house with a guitar between his teeth 

Numb fascination?

I mean he obstacles himself to save us from his tenderness, which would crush faster than every weapon   and  when I listen  to the blind prophet hiss and sizzle into someplace vivid   it's as if the violence of slapstick and the humor of pornography rise to some still center in the midst of outrage and could raise us with them    

Were you looking to be punished, were you looking to be appropriated, were looking for a way to wade through the smoke, as lake?

Cop wrestles bikini clad black teen to the ground in response to speech act. I was looking to escape the strife that enters in the space between two fantasies   repose  black amour   an army of children waiting to be given wars 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

In the middle future

Stardust  sign  
Our wedding on a phonograph record
Man arrested for hiding a knife  in his Christ / Chrysler/Bible (whatever)   blurry syncopated readership    let it be    all three   bells    bells     weekend  Elvis
Ford Foundation / bureaucrat  / guy named Thadius  they say, did he get out, lately?
Brutality and Remembrance, nevertheless   the eternal stranger     gets a lyric  commerce
still niggas  have  no leader    between   being   and beings   a little burlesque  thing     race concept   our country   ing     the  come to be   of the word  fecund   in the teeth      as honey   in the   villain

Sotto Voce       the last private  man    the  last  law of nature    encounter     hug  their own wounds   like           farmers    or John Wayne  hugging Sammy Davis Jr.    after they   trade   skins   in the mirror  / stage

It's not a natural  thing          to  go  some place     and to say      this is mine    

so they ride the echo down
pretend to get lonesome for a storm

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


In the parallel  I held a laughing perm and swarmed the classic skin bleaching ads for  Ethel Ennis   and all the girls who somehow misunderstood the promise   were chanting   no more death    no more heartache   no more                                                          misunderstanding     and  my tan was a fancy palindrome  for  their seedless rebellion     and once in a while hybrid eucalyptus   grows like dandies   and I'm  still obsessed with dandyism in black men and in the revelation that the dream was teaching the dreamers how to live    which  was teaching them   how to die  and apocalyptic second coming  and I am unphased    which was why   they  stay    buying into every play siege  as a wideness/   thick tedious  lips / to abide then/  generous   dream  to teach  its endless germ   in the clean  way      and safety is clear   thinking and radiance  redeems   pretense now and then    and I'm again  making a tabloid   monument  to    us and them   and   us/again     The spectator must be allowed some distance    because  the difference   between innocence   and devotion    is a sudden one, sullen  one, sublime  hunter   see how we run some  light            Photo of Cornel West lunging into a crowd of uniforms   all   my unadorned  objectives    could I get abstract enough to rescue desire   from  fear   could  I get that   and is seduction   at last   militant