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Goldilocks Zone

Astronomers are searching for rocky planets like ours   in the goldilocks zones of other stars   

In the desperation to become  more  like  our  brainwashed selves           I counted five thousand black women with blond hair  and pituatary tumors from  the dye and toner   no recollection        has it  been worth it    this muppet aesthetic?             

Our bodies form based on the spectrum of sunlight they  are  under    every planet creates  beings  like every continent    get closer to the equator and  the mouths  lush as fountains  eyes bending light isles of natural magic in a row of machine addicts    I choose you  and all your miserable comfort   goes     dissolute

When their tans  fade      they could almost  pass     between the two  tropics and get back to their violent wishes        the   house in that fable     is a  black  body      the  moral  is don’t  be a whore     

Ethnic cleansing comes on subtle   all of a sudden   black girls   are all platinum  plato  humming dope in the bushes   he means   a flashing   question  : what brings you here ?    and next thing you know   the chain gang hobbles  along  whistling  dixie  or your body’s so flimsy we could lease it  with no credit  check   

You have pledged such reckless allegiance to this land  can you shake it down  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to the Slaughter, Children

Whispered: it could not  be dreamed          gutted castles   and heme  group fairytales and the occasional rebel    laugh     factor  the   wind      s   dashing  babble       soft brushes  on metal  cymbals   and the way a liar   folds   into   himself   over  time      trapped in a stranger’s    bible        becomes   a nest of hints   

                      You  see the kephra beatle  always  pushing  up the sun  then beating his chest shouting:    tell me I won   tell me   one    difference  between   hope   and memory         won the movie    !   I won the movie      Turns out it was bootlegged   and not   in HD  and the bright  parts  looked  like interrogations      and the   black men hanging from saturn’s  rings    were  not actually acrobats  or actually   fugitives    they were  just  mapless   trees    perfect maples   spun  into  language in need of me to use them      one   screams :  
                                       This is the next best  thing to being a black woman  another sobbs on command   

Fatten him for winter   catch the human  furniture         too  many  commands     in literature    too few  questions  that  are their   own   answer         Never  anticipate  the voice  on the other  end     what is your  miserable  comfort?   

                                                                                              Step   right   up       step   right      up        
That auction chemistry is critical  and    delicate     

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

For real niggas who ain't got no feelings

Helicopter pilots  look  at the sun and the   propellers give them  seizures   

Yes Child,  Sing it   

And the violence of the beat began to calm  the violence in my heart    

Draw me nearer , eyedropper full of clear skies

The stage lights  swung  like   circus   lights    

Get it, gurl          

It's  sad to   see a window   shatter   

Sure  is    ,   matter   of    fact      

ten   just     this          tensile    weekend   of   sundowns        send  someone / anyone   

Did you  let  the sun    catch   you    crying     ?     Send  N  u  d   e   s    

             seen       shy/inklings   

Three times       only    three times    

  the  machine survives   our light   addiction but your stillness falls  from the clouds  to catch it

that was an astonishing surrender

what an astonishing surrender   

such an astonishing          surrender   

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017

And sing a sorrow song so tough

 Everybody's  brother    bent over  in Korea    whispered  Jeremiah  at the bloodlined  earth   and came back with a    better  ride     Is that a cow's   ass      or are you   just   happy to see   me      turn  up the volume   on   Miles'   Solea   at the place  where the intensity   gets  unbearable     warm  shards  of   indifferent     air        round    the   delirious   bend   in your   soul     that has   you   screaming   citizen     big  crowd  of them  loud  motherfuckers   with their   inverse  entitlement    and amplified machines    what   is   an   audience    what does  it really  mean to just   watch  this 

I was singing  to hold  up the world         

And If you only   you   knew   how   lighthearted  that is     how far  past   bitter  how   my incessant joy  is   the  cruelest   thing   in    there is     the  only  belonging  worthy  of   the world   built   on endless grief    this     grin    

                       He shows  up    in,  with   his     clumsy   horse   talking   bout   get in   teeth  like   gates and   patience     and I  know I'm no  longer    dreaming       up   citizens   and   great   jungle flowers  in the garden   of what    might  have been     No longer an American like  that        cured  and   drunk   on   relief      humming  and packing    away  my invisible   strings        

For   a second I wondered how I could ever   have lived here     how anyone  had lived  here 

can you shut up about  lust    and  accept your  nakedness   as  sacred   
as   I   have         can you hold   sacred  the nakedness of  another 

He  laughed  again     and    we  made   the  light