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Some Similar Things were Happening/Invent Number 1

In short he was a witch who could make wishes come true. I had a wish.

It is subtle but savage,

the distribution of emphasis across like events.

Because of how fear and superstition combine with greed I can say...dim the lights, and the men will cover their wallets with their pendulums of ice, which are diamond-low-down

But using the word magic is the least magical thing, 'round them use the word north, or the desire left after a wish is fulfilled, to have the wish back alongside its fear its greed, its superstition was nothing, certain rules following the mind toward the heart... Surpluses, calling themselves journey agents, gentlemen on the base, prefixes, gentlemen I wait for with my legs crossed

in a whispering type of hurt/hurdle, timed between switching knees. The wind that hurries up you like a bruise you discover before its cause and rests 'til you teach it words, something the minister said, a joke about marching too far but not close enough, to what I can't remember besides

each other

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Music for Chameleons

Neither black nor white, a pale golden rum colored (not that it mattered) Aristocrat. The stuff Richard Prior used to set himself on fire and ripple– Modern object tossing the might could into a rural nightmare and coming out with seeds and the manners to share them, crop them, knock them into the ground like hens or bounty. I think we are beautiful children, including the silver blue hidden gardens in charge of our personal windows. Most people. Are ashamed of their fascination, is all. I don't blame them for how loud and shapeless the privacy gets before it ruptures and turns a race.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chanson d'un Jour D'Hiver/Blizzard Stupor with Ma'at

Don't let (its) beauty make you lazy.

Not that I have felt sorrow without reason
Joy is sorrow unmasked
Not that I have felt joy without reason
It's as if people came to Manhattan and acted like it was full of trees and grass instead of concrete and tall

Lull percussion heroes situated at the discotech shaking out your horoscope on some sometimes I feel like a
taurus, toward the arena of life
Brave enough for anything but silence, with all of its discrete momentum behind me like a gentle hunter fending my heart with languages I do not learn, but know

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mine Astronaut: sequence diagram of a displaced impulse

There is a tone parallel to the cosmos, to the diamonds rocketed in the low. A libido suspended in struggle, not necessarily violence, or necessarily suffering, or necessarily so, but does my distress arouse you? There is something trite about restraint if so, the same thing that is trite about power. You are, in both conditions, volunteering, a school girl with her hand raised while some teacher is talking about the Louisiana purchase in the context of its acoustics, how it might have sounded to become that landlord

And since she was pretty there was an audience,
thrown open to question and found wanting
with no resignation, for...

rare is joy and joy is rare. For what's theirs is joy and joy is theirs. Though what air they've poised is poison air. For what's paramount of theirs: hymnal ledges of the voice, skin of the swan, uncommon of the look-upon, uncle tom of uncle tom For how spare is boy the boy is spared For whats theirs is his and he is theirs. joy. spoiled. son. heir to what's paramount of theirs is him spread into gimmie somes For how raised his void is, his void is there where they oblige him A store of helium he rides to when


home, this sweet tone deaf land, is still a tender beginner

I hear the feeling, it felt like a fling, only the feeling lingered, the distress lingered

I want a space man from twilight 'til dawn, when the chicks say there he is, he's really gone

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find where jazz starts and where jazz ends

I think, pretty soon

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bring me Back a Challenger: (Choreography/ Poetics/Demonstration)

Or a particularly candid accomplishment. There's a man who smiles backwards in a choir and yanks you into serious alert/detour, toward one answer to the land question...I don't need any of yours
leaning along the harvest of possible things: it is damaged and as far as
some blue pyramid home negro southern different color meaning hip shit, a loss of tension would kill me
the impossibility of trapping my own gain, is how I survive
in this dizzy cabinet to where I can't tell if I've made it, like reached the mountaintop, which is a sloppy destination to begin with, it's cold up here, I really can't stay either, the breeze makes me coy and radiant. Radiant because I desert him when I intend to traipse, for the sake of mild people, and then to tiptoe, for major things are trembling with scarcity in their motion like Tokyo lips, vagrant swells of water called floods, or typhoons, testaments to the loneliness of late capital, a loan, an abundance we've borrowed from shame or Mr. So and So I have the blues for walls, but I don't want to look out either, onto your plot, which is damaged, I've never even touched a loom, or at least I can't remember what your hotel smells like new pens and music videos: I go, you stay, two autumns and a broomstick. The fact that this is ever accurate is a nuclear disgrace, somebody blew up America, he's right. I'm willing to loot every Walmart forever, traipsing, tiptoeing, plugging all the wasted stereos into lampposts and having that life you call a party. And when I look up again, our son is done looking mean and impressive. He is holding up a shy looking sign which says: Now he plays the drum, now he stops, and grinning like the robbery is over and they got away without his muses.

After making love we hear footsteps.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brand New Retro, for Mound Bayou

The idea of 'always' in a Neruda poem struck at the nerve of the idea of 'never' in a poem I was working/through; an elegy for the Mississippi town, Mound Bayou. I joined the two poems in tilted Siamese, and got this.

Brand New Retro

Like lashes on a dark back, you were supposed to feel actual.

Cool, I did.

In 1919 there were 25 race riots across the country in seven months

But I refuse to accept despair as the final outcome of the ambiguities of these...
Hieroglyphics, which when you bent over their microscope pedestal, fell into the crypt


This town's foremost emblem of prosperity, its mill, has been turned into a dance hall

Pretty field of sharp husks and deacons reminds me of the early bribe, something dangling in sigh toned opal looks like my uncle, close enough

Though there is no such thing as resemblance any longer, just that the man hung like a flag or sheath or gone

Periscope maybe, voice is to color as

suspicion quickly escalates to conviction

cause we're covered in town and Nobody's business. Maybe, too clever, maybe

we failed at freedom on purpose cause discipline is the true decadence. With its prolific monogamy, ecstatic sacrifice for


at all the shepherds, they are never lonely, and the herd formations, so keen and strict, they are never lonely gazing at the swarm of their own black -maybe they are never lonely nor known

for the commitment to one thing, gathering, is so brave and radical a luxury... Even this far forward, I confused being a servant with being sure

Facing you
I am not jealous.

Come with a woman
at your back,
come with a hundred,
come with a thousand women between your chest and your feet,
and rivers

Bring them all
to where I wait for you:
it shall always be you and me
alone upon that earth,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One For Fanon, 48 Years to the Date

“In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.”

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kinetic In/difference

Rotary Connection, with vocals by Minnie Ripperton, and arrangements by Charles Stepney and sounds like triumphant disorientation and feels like when..

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Event Number 1

I'm black.

This is not a Coalition : They never let me forget it : I'll never let them

And there is no tempo, so you don't have to worry about losing the beat or anything

When I said, I would live in scratch houses improvising yard into my far off dowry. I was telling a story, recklessly candid because the heart had been sealed for slow time, when all of a sudden

You say 'in general' a lot, because you've been injured for naming names. Not the names of soldiers, the names of battles. Blackhawk, Waterloo, Help me. Places I knew dad to be in. The radio. Hollywood. Focus. The Delta. Always. Always is a place. Finessed violence. July. The big sliding open van full of groceries and electric pianos. The weight of his hands on the invisible. Keys. Lantern elbows. Poking around his manic in the dark looking for Saturn or cold pancakes or a clerk to take the wallet from his mouth when he was seized. We were afraid. I guess this means, I guess he spent his last days in jail. That must have been like the yard, clenching broken stove pieces to keep a pedal on the ditch or was it a well, or was the barley leaning down your malt letters fluffier after every sip. It would have been useless to visit. It would have been you, looking pretty in your memory/desire. Proving, you're still five, someday. He must have spent them on the rise, the whistles that used to come out of his collar pocket, help me, Im rich tell my daughter to stop playing their lottery chasing their loss. Loss is a dangerous necessity, also. It measures the imagination. And it is ruthless, and the imagination is ruthless. Mine is through mumbling the titles of weeds across the unnamed we, starts to breathe the blue pause out of its visage. Vertigo. Let's it go as if to pursue it, coughs it up, says where I would rather live is full of months not days or hours or built up hundreds, floors in your circle of fifths cushioned with radio, not to mention, the fund
is cold for them, radial (it's called for them plosive names: paper, papa, wants to say pages into the gap between bars but is too exposed), a void taken on as a way to count moments by what they cost: the house, the jailhouse, the studio, outside, stayblack. He must have been outside mangling his solitude with you.. And without you, it would have been useless to deliver news like, this is our music, who else would wear prison to the grave dragging it behind him the way the shiniest shoe of a fine and mellow pimp is usually slow dragging, holding the waist in a mopey, jubilant L delay. Safe asymmetry. Anyone can place a mister in front of his mercy and raise a lady to watch his feet spell, doo-wop or cake walk or Jake limber. We are. Getting rid of ownership, replacing it with use. It's cool, I'm black too.

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Love is a Dangerous Necessity

Certain Ballads

It's said that he resisted and they beat him with sticks in the first report for Pilgrim he claims to be a musician, claims to be in a Broadway band trading choruses, playing chorus for chorus, as in a streetfight, so jealous wage your experts so they sent him to Creedmore, a New York facility for electro convulsive therapy Mercury and crickets have my mind in common, he'd explain on the piano bench coordinating hallucinations into Dartaniun A manifestation of cycling time

She had hid his shoes, to keep him from leaving saying He is in a state of grace, he practically asked me to do it, actually, but she had too many adverbs, too many qualified actions, indicating too many urgings, and asunder How we were staggering together through the streets where they keep flags and yachts until the morning watched us lean indoors, a terrible ordinary day How we were staggering through the streets together between flags and yachts, forming calluses we wouldn't even notice on the bottoms of our empty footage how bearable you've made it, beyond my wildest motives

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Our Ships

Because every thought is either a memory or a desire, the world pulls away on both sides

Because every thought is either a pact or a future, the world peals away, my boat sighs.

My total rises tidal-like a temporary cliff

don't fall

Don't fall smell like you remembered it, how you wanted it too

many futures for one ship And so, we have stopped thinking like quit thinking and we like it,

and we forget ahead

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are there some things you would like to say but have not been able to, because no one ever asked you the right questions?

George Russell Reads my Mind and it goes

I don't believe in freedom. I don't think anything like that exists. In the world or in music.

I think there are higher laws, though, and when you move under higher laws you operate under fewer laws thus moving into a state of relative freedom as compared to being under numerous, smaller laws.

And even then, the life of any idea depends on the way it is used because if it's used in the wrong way for too long a time, it may die, totally, even though it may have been born with great energy/freedom


The jungle is a skyscraper (in a portrait about being

In a portrait I saw of the living sky when I was spying on the living
way up in the rugged electricity of law raising. Freedom
was an idea, which didn't exist, it was snatched toward our tongues like minor greetings,
or lunch money and other adventures scheming to become intuition, so they have a future, they chose a country


if freedom did exist these songs,
which are places, would disappear into its begging, please be everywhere.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Contrast/Quick-Quick-Slow/ Waltz for Soldiers (who) Switched in the Field

When you spot your lover, looking for a vein with cotton on an arm/lung, or turning on the oven or from a profane trembling, becoming numb with pleasure and someone says 'if you wake up now, it won't be too soon,' and you trust them again, enough to buckle beneath the tide which is dense but empty, like the wad of cash he watches back, back-then, and all these rumors, levees in the webs that hold our lips together, tugging at the soon (not-yet) fortresses of shy dandelion binding the breath undone or somewhere else. Everywhere else, because the soft bodies scatter so well, so unlike the wealth and so-on, bypassing the mind so-well like catastrophes or like miracles or cause I felt like it.

Suddenly is gradual

Monday, November 16, 2009

Now. the skepticism looks misplaced/Literal Abstractions

His face is an attitude
(about the void)
So when
On a warm day
I feel this sorrow from enjoying it so much..
It disappears to the tune of my bias,
for us --jive-ass--Shucks, I'm flattered by such an exclusive,
gentle, use of nowhere

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Sweet I Guess


him in the morning reaching across the banner of his sunshaddow into the please/gold of my high yellow

Neat, even. No more ice from the machine shop or binges of scrutiny from the not knowing or even needing, no more right time/ alltime, they are trite rituals of the mule in my elbow on the table, I told you was a pew and you began to pray, root for my, my, my, root for prior, the discipline stutters in reverse, for fun, for the first time the road is empty except for how young we are in the wheelbarrow engine barging in on our parents, letting them continue on the ledge of a hulahoop, getting neutral like circle vessels looting their ways across my chest middlemost of the middle, where there is shade and it reflects some kind of haven next in the distance, some kind of hymn, mumbled or insinuated with joy for bait for joy is sorrow unmasked, take an unpacked stadium and put us in the way of its emptiness which
I, by you, put on

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Wages of War is Love

'I cannot believe the conditions that produced a situation that demanded a song like that'

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Pessoa/ Amnesia

And let our uttered reminiscences come at odd moments and then be broken off,

Let us, with greater quiet, love our uncertain life

Let us watch it flowing and learn that life is passing and we are not holding hands--


[Let us hold hands]

He was the camera black of the highway, in fact, he was the highway itself and I packed him with drive, stale tobacco, the Talkboat, [why do you evade facts]

In the world we'd made there were no sports announcers, only players, they played with a live jazz band and a score board and that was all and the spectators watched the game wildly, squeezing one another's hands for the suspense, for no one mentioned anything because mentioning wastes the spirit [you already know, what hovers between penalty and pretty soon it ceases to matter, the athletes are dancing/clandestine/answers to your trancelike nearness, like nearness and trances. The scandal is leaving, the scandal is changing hands, approving of itself, letting us

more and more ramps, more and more ways off the bland delirium of restraint

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Triptych II

Operating Table

Colossal Youth

Civil Twilight of the Idols/Beauty Number 2

You have a way of looking at atoms until they matter, head in a 7 part mast part dread part melancholy part Nazareth part that I imagine as if we were whole Crucial damage and crucial salutations, you would have said, with distribution the tribute gets its silence from its pep from its silence. Two bodies make a circle and roll down a hill at the again-fast of silence is fast and tentative until it lands: Antenna on the picture zebra plugged picture with Oprah's face appearing every time it fits the air. She's talking about discounts or is it she's sounding about discounts and talking about Sidney Poitier in Guess who's coming to the dinner on hill I came down, was invited down, the time began to lilt and get little and voluptuous and mink and willing

Friday, October 30, 2009

Smoke Gets in your Eyes/One for Y

I am the fourth star on the left if you go along the master's glance

(He is panicking at the access/attention to history grants me: eternity, glamorless but tempting because I remember how many starts were took in the gleam
and can repeat ... 1.often, 2.euphonic, 3.you funicular, 4.you from here? 5. These skinned woods, 6. you form her, 7. forked stars in the burnt down Dharma,
hurt her apart
from mastering her first, stark as a kid glass, jury reaching toward its preservation with indecision maybe we can stay forever: drinking thick juice, sunny delight or something even though it makes me stick to my stomach, scooting closer to the table, being young for you are old, far too, cargo of a stupor, bloated eyes and coal limber with use and down but mine too
obvious to count, to where it sounds like up, higher, a little more to the left You are

the forced guard of , if you look along my fastest glance, hallucinating your answer I heard the word trifling (flat) and watched it


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blank Contraband

(Inside the anatomony of Musics of Noble Entitlement/Invisible Planets on this Planet)

There is a run of sheer jade at the nape of a yellow wrist bulging like the dingy veins of mothers in taxis: crisp diamonds checkering the dense slur of the rings which herd them home--- arrogant and grotesque yearning as a form of comfort-- a warm day in my nerves --- the curve of their daze could drop a river powder light and dismissive puddles about no more, running out of thirds, His arms keep perfect ridges when you lift your eyes from them they land on a baseball cubic shimmering with field apathy and no gate, imagine the restless privacy of alters and stadiums or of the putrid silhouette of the ready-mades on slides in classrooms or in museums or on the sky looking like taxicab poodles or sugar cotton, incorruptible swaths of brand nodding in the teeth: minor and everywhere, are called trade, resources confiding in themselves door after door how the way out is one more, I promise, it opens onto green dolphin street with the calm promiscuity of buiks from the yard and, it gets to be ours

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Leaving Aside the Bloody Catalog

The most private, the most serious thing, because the past has disappeared

(while you were rooting

for Gary Cooper, that the "Indians" were you, wore your hue and labor

We'll get to the dream in a moment, in another way, this dis-expense is snapping

On a fast northern street, eastern-suddenly, the black girl in the gray slicker, shaped like a story-

I'm talking about her orbit- four years of shore collecting in her footsteps (the credibility of the garment is how it inflects the body
soft, appreciative, rescue wishes- I'm finally ready to be as everything as I've been

And the improbable mechanics of her owl, of her face full off hours, and how
it's almost now
A phantom

of her kind of answer to the hard gray pants or flickering dandyism of a runaway man, kind, like when Kerouac called us dusty (negros) from the hop of the least subtle train in the lobby of sluggish fugitives

He whistled and any drum built a masculine shoulder into the slopes of brief attention: tomorrow, tom-tom, slack, he took the blow back like tuxedo cloth magic of where you look, when

I'm talking about the wrist set out forlorn and perfect to where people are proud-living off the reflexes of beatnik rumors and then see her and then we are certain/
brisk riddles of fellowship: it is said that he resisted and they beat him with sticks

also that the menace of it was how radiant looking she kept/looking-

Everyone becomes a glass-eyed pervert for the sure/glory of city rue rhythms is only hers,
sturdy rubber guardian of our yearning to be young and near, too young and near, our sense of curtsy, sempre, swarm, who is he, who sent him our record before liaison, and our madness

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Them,Them: One for Sarah Vaughan

The ones who built the annex between then and then/The January Rivers, the First Wives, The... so I obey from my village-- a lazy..... (interrupts itself to become,

a city, (comprehensive)

so I obey that too) and the obedience ricochets , lurches, slips gets thirsty, hears the name Zarathustra and thinks it knows something about proclamation or war games

important pain versus the numb wounds of no medicine nonetheless

this is how I stay the rumors that the only information worth my voice is my voice, to you

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up Supra/Moody's Mood For Love 1952

Although we don't believe this is all, our blood enjoys the irony of acting as if we did

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theories of Sphere in their Stride

Monastic Decadence (Monk Minds)

Fluent in the sequences of spotlights,beamed giant on the torque of a deformed hill let valley, battle between the two ladies with polkadot acrylic nails. You picked their race when you pictured it, sailing by on lake/ship something cracks the glare's direction and there are shimmering freshwater yellows for all the women his eyes fell from The cathedral, the hack your dignity came back (as), vanity of a comeback, the effects are transient or mended, fast flecks of crease in the spreading well, or orphaned, like how it was for land

The whole of my time

makes a nation, last of my time makes for future, best of my time chases city, you live there, dingy intertube on the front of you like an eye or bullet proof or you can't swim the new way but are full of the procedure; flair of a glimmer of a shrug, no, dangle there, in the pinched blond caricature the rest of my time makes a home I cant find a trick in the electric terror or your near fame except when it shorts from being watched : The women fight more hot, the fisherman lob themselves into the knot, the watchmen cure wood for the port They were fighting over the anchors' shoulders 'til the earth closed, Now the match is sold to the dizzy box that shows shows and the water, neglected, hijacks the bottle and port swells and rots poses into the terrain to be absorbed by its reputation I predict you can find them dancing plain blind men across the count in exchange for the company of their footsteps, no matter weather in trespass or as guests or lovers, companions, brackets, the clap of their line makes and empire wherein you can't taste the tap but know better, refusing to say where you're really at is nowhere yet paranoid enough to admit you left the navigation up to slender women with pretty hands and the kind of hum that shields sounds from itself and now you cant tell what they're saying until they look crushed, syllables stuck in their throats muttered up into the shape of an oar between rotations, tender hexagons mistaken for adults as a form of rehabilitation or drift

What"s left of my time makes a child so well she can bribe you out of the spotlight just by being her true size and in it, herself This is too

crescent to be real so it falls to one end, which solves the problem of sinnermen with a jaunty asymmetry

they're gone

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In Brackets/Empire Kids

Summary of Stockhausen vs. Stockhausen


Q: can you tell me what the most interesting sound you've ever heard is?
A: No.

Q:Subconsciousness is exploding?
A: No. Completely

(langauge arranges the imagination into acceptable units, sound reverses this, therefore, brittle fortresses, hear what you mean, don't say what you mean. Listen, shut up. The machine underneath is gripping cold money your mother buried in a sac of pull flour. It releases my hands as doves, it realizes my handsome somebody is a buck in the air and I dare the slum to grab it, compress it into flabby bread, turn it high,
peal it from the roof of your shut up mouth is more shelter than I can bare

Q: Do you see the score?
A: Haven't you, as a revolutionary

Q: I hope so
A: The performance is an experience of the dream

Q: They almost have
A: But the boy is left
in a life, or file, Orfeu, Take Five or So-What typa slope as (is) I

Friday, October 2, 2009

Your City Comprehends You

For the distress of neutrality, the new tenements look out onto empty playgrounds

For the round water, the old men jut pennies as far

as for fear, starting the day early strapping your child to a plexi pony outside the market

If you are carsick, if you don't ride in the dark, hysterical with distance, a profuse light, a profuse lowness, looses the detail by regularity, by gear, delirious with bible, dear busstop, dear hushed robbery, dear family sized bucket of wings, dear flier on the raw cylinder announcing a concert or sermon or pervert husband you might be missing such a firm dawn in letters as in symbols affirms the ecstatic dread of this over-comprehension

which when our imperfections meet, lets them nervously cohere, ultimatum with fine then, or your city suffers, you, or your city suffers

44 Short

When they are bored, they write down old songs from the villages
and the cleverest make new songs from the old forms.

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A phony stoicism, or is it road glimpsing its function, to go on and on and until then, you have to live with yourself

During the First War, the conversion of band instrument factories into warplants. The story of scarcity is the story of abundance on terror and can't, Or, how does the blur rub into a character and then a wreck and then on the shoulder of the road is the one verbal indication of where from (to):grow up, (where to show up from)

go ahead, damp your nature on the shore of your rage which is posing as a complacent clerk at the filling station, He sells us stale Cinnamon Trident so we remember how to trust industry again, and If I could pay loose coins to replicate you into interchangeable increments... I would compare the chewing gum to gunpowder then think of resin and then want the cello to overcrowd my mind with bend-then go dance on my stack till the fire went clapping, yellow of amber bling

Let's think of the old telethons
. The lights in the main room are shut off so all one sees is the blinking coil of the calls when they come, indicating money and voices on wire A map of the business blinks just like this Glimmers of price versus worth until a village of brush fires lights the four men on the side of the road singing into their hi hats, accepting donations of gum and draft What matters, the men are black and you reach for a phone but your hand meets the tread of tire- tar in reverse acts like chalk and disappears in the slick Talk (with me) like this

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Good Black Superlative

Your are frozen in motion in the station wearing dull green fatigues whose pattern withstands/mimics the blazee shapes of raided shrubs or the velcro radio under my pillowcase, just playing at the pace of pills in the brave liver, just being still in place s that make him mercy, a silhouette into where gleeful registers have slipped me their torches as witch brides who sink into the myth of their prowl: library, la mer, If this were a relay and not a fixed corridor, I'd pass you the bridge in order of its press is blind on numb heroes shiny dialectic mezzirols Good things were solid, better things were out-of-this-world, best things like the girl quiet as the matrifocal soil is dowry for the boy soldier civilian about to just be in this train car a million miles away from me, adjacent, grazing my nylon with his own camouflage I hope he's in the band chewing towels to strengthen his jaws and calling me Cannonball, Anon for short , Crescent, Other Words, the erotic is not sexual, only when you're lucky A hesitant volunteer adjusts my riddle to dry eyes and his - grow the hills of attention called restraint which is a casual fat green 30 seconds of Woodshedding on the way off a traveling machine

Mind so clean, mine stays clean just looking clean

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hell Is Round the Corner

Confused by different memories,
Details of Asian remedies
Conversations, of what's become of enemies.
My brain thinks bomb-like,
So I listen he's a calm type.
And as I grow, I grow collective.
Before the move sit on the perspective.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Everytime, Everytime

'He filters golden speech through the quick of his mind, knows how the sheep is threaded on a spit could have taken charge in Africa (an aide to he colonies), chews alamanda mixed with suet, is not the Trojans but Hector whom they hunt, vacations in the Real France, is nigger but universal, adapts his level as he goes, along, in short, has faith in man'

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chaos is Impossible

With that in mind, the mathematician begins to describe a game in which a man and a woman, from behind a door, are answering questions from an interrogator, by written replies. The interrogator must determine who is the man and who is the woman; both must try to deceive him in their answers. The mathematician then suggests replacing one person with a machine. The test confers that if the interrogator cannot distinguish between the person and the machine, then one has created true, machine intelligence. Impostors. If it isn't chaos, while it isn't order- a brim superimposed on infinity is one door short, no wonder the heart swells with suppressed excitement. Mellow androgyny, no hunter breed, no wonder my father is the algorithm I sort for we.

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Ikonoklast Panzerism (Rammellzee)

(1979) Testo tratto da "Graffiti - East Village", di Tommaso Tozzi, 1984, tesi presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze


Electromagnetic energys knowledge conformed in a stable formation function protection around any planet gives basis base for development of disease culture, on any planet with enough natural resources to conceive bacteria as long as the orbit is the right postition for that vital resource. Humans being disease culture (the body) spirtis being gaseous energy (disease culture manipulation). Death is remanuplation only be electromagnetic knowledge energy leaving disease because of malfunction of inhabited disease culture, other deaths are only CHANGE. Electromagnetics knowledge disperses back into the course of the Van Allen Belts (in purity) ° dianetical path, continuing on in evolution's path. Knowledge is scattered throughout Van Allen Belt in minute knowledge particles. Life. Electromagnetics in a photonic stage to conduct energys knowledge light (pure thought) which is in all atoms inhabits compatible disease by fusing into diseases DNA nervous system structure codeplan to energize the cerebrum before its embryotic stage sharing and manipulating and being manipulated with the composed knowledge of the atometric D x N =.
A molecules and at the end of cellular construction is conformed into biochemical energy and is dispersed through motor neutron. This structural symbolic procedure code connects the Van Allen Belt as a symbol ° and a basic symbol and language for structural symbolic translations transformations of slanguage for energys purpose through the manipulation of insight and onsight of enerty and inhabited diseases. These completed symbols are: Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and any other symbol NOT resembling latter languare symbols or pictograms.
Knowledge knowledges knowledge, the elevation of Wild Style knowledge is concluded as a SYMBOL DESTROYER, ARMORED, MEDIEVAL MECHANISM. This formation shall be known as IKON_ OKLAST PANZERISM: R.O.K.: GOTHIC FURURISM, THIS IS WILD STYLE CORRECTED.


Knowledge knowledges knowledge, the elevation of Wild Style knowledge is concluded as a SYMBOL DESTROYER, ARMORED, MEDIEVAL MECHANISM. This formation shall be known as IKONOKLAST P.A.N7T~RTSM R.O.K.: GOTHIC FUTURISM, THIS IS WILD STYLE CORRECTED.

SIRPIEREULE: is electromagnetic structure formation function protection register dealing with a friction formation of compressed electromagnetic knowledge and what it remanipulated strictly from a subject Equation Formation Latin, warning any misuse without the representation and reformation of the alphabet structure formator as it leads you into apocalyptic AP x O = CALY + PTIC wars will lead you into apocalyptic wars final formation final.

This pamphlet holds, formates the knowledges to translate a symbol, a universal symbol the dictionary, all word formation and any sentence, paragraph, page, or study including the Bible.

With formations two degrees are left open for discussion and in math: SUG - G x EST = IONS.

First codified law (Roman) 449 BC. Ram catch bases for structure colony mathematics of Ikonoklast Panzerism. Points stabilizing friction, intake, outpush or thrust. Start with the structure of six, 6, 360, of equaling or extenting from zero degrees equals aerodynamics. This is the reverse like 360 + 00.


(147 B.C. Roman period begins) (1140 A.D. Gothic period begins) From the fourth century to the nineteenth century a development of style remanipulated by monks known as Gothic type, or Old English type, presently used by The New York Times and Long Island Press. This is the PROTO product of WILD STYLING.

To my knowledge of letter structure, separation of sound (verbal recording), and word formations English, Spanish, and Russian, and any other Slanguages using Roman letter symbols or others is not a language, due to universal symbolic thievery. The original verbal formation, (phonetic) for the Roman letter was Latin:
How can a government be structured straight using a symbolic code subconsciously remanipulated and its symbols do not belong to the verbal formation. To my knowledge societies and disease culture symbols have violated universal symbolic laws and shortcircuited the electromagnetic code of the Roman letter symbols and others used to build a word, the definition of a word to build a society and then a government and a future educational process to complete universal transit system and manipulate (blood system).
To my knowledge of the symbolic codes of the alphabets formation, it is very much incorrect. The evolution of the Roman letter structured in the formation: ADEBRKPFLHIJTMGOQCNSVWUXYZ and the SIRPIEREULE formated structures. The construction of most of the symbols was remanipulated subconsciously J,U,W are conscious remanipulations. (Neutral) The borrowing of subconsciously incomplet symbolic structures (Phoenician), etc. Added to the design of the Roman letter type, these symbols are complete due to armament structure in desing of Ikonoklast Panzerism. According to the degree of knowledge of the cipher, triangle, and square this is not revolution this is evolution.
MAN: ?????????????????????????????????????????
The infinity or Van Allen Belt ° section graftation symbol is based with electromagnetic energies positive north, positive south squared, negative north, negative south squared, chemically based, dry-based, and so called anti-based energies. This build/destroy symbol is for science, mathematics (universal) to our life forms knowledge and not religion. The symbolic structure X holds fusion (W.A.R.) according to this formation and pamphlets breakdown strategy (formated hy its structure). The Roman letter type and others have been armed to assassinate and/or abolish this supreme symbol know as infinity sign by removing the X from this written structure.
This is symbolic wars using slang and ionics to understand the very outline structure that makes A through Z its mathematics and science for disease culture to understand the consequences of structure that have been disease culturally sabotaged and trickknowledged.
All formations of word knowiedge are constructed under the symbolic thoughts of the infinity sign.
Motion in motion, power, armed, stride with position straight, is known as the function formation formula for and of IKONKLASTIC PANZERISM ROK REMANIPULATION, all the knowledge for military strategy for the (BLOOD SYSTEM) of New York City, (Universal Tranit System).
Infinitys electromagnetic knowledge shows that there are two C cipher belts one is forward the other is reversed, (foci or planet), and a electromagnetic knowledge starting a society, for an established knowledge is A.D., according to the dictionary. All knowledge remanipulation, in the universal gamble, by Monks was destroyed by ikonoklastic emperors themselves divided realms from disease culture sounds and formation C-O+dominion = A GOD, GIVEN OMNIPOTENT DOMINION.
In 1582 the 13th Pope removed ten days from the calendar, the next day they will stay is the year 2000. From the fourth century to the nineteenth century outline of letter, numbers and other universal symbols and disease cultural structures, was in the hands of calligraphers. Since then the Roman letter in a PANZER stage of evolution from the fourteenth century to 1969-1974 was complete subconscious toyism(Treacherous on your System). From Bubble to structure (squared) and emotional outburst era 1974-1979 was a war era, where knowledge formed about by itself through the body, in the dark, underground. This is a ten year cycle of so-called graffiti development and elevation. 1980-2000 separation between Wild Stylism and Panzerism, the nonemotional era, knowledge of it and purpose of it... this is full evolution of the Roman letter type and others in so-called graffiti.
The present infinity sign and the symbol X: this symbol must be separated from the present infinity sign by Ikonoklast PANZERISM.
The only way is to go into the structure on paper or space or dimensions of art of paper. WILD STYLISM: "A so-called" element of graffiti is base-derived from Gothic text subconsciously. The FUTURISM is Panzerism design a subconscious development.
"Wild Style has no rules" in itself to have no rules is to be ISM the ogal and the rule. Separation of unique interpretations or basic symbolic construction, example: common sense says the only basic symbol for a missile is an arrow, shown ny the Chinese, the ones who really started all recording verbal formation symbols, several thousand years ago. NO GOVERNMENT IS ALLOWED TO STEAL SUBCONSCIOUS SYMBOLS.
Style separation of the advanced statement style Ikonoklast Panzerism. Registeration and Draftation of three to ten style structure of which four are commerically based in futurism armament. From Transit records and elimination of style interpretation and conception on a Panzerism scale of design advancement in drafting techniques, you have a choice to go in, out or remain neutral. To anyone who challenges this pamphlet the outcome is a word formation breakdown on these styles of reality construction.
Since Panzerism is conceived on a flat dimension, one phase of Wild Style is conceived of a flat dimension (paper style). This style is of knife (stabbing) technique.
In a Symbolic War and according to the understanding of slang in gangsterism, a paper style will burn if faced with an outranking construction in drafting technique.
Listed are these remanipulations.
Due to a knowledge of reality construction (Ikonoklast Panzerism), the incomplete outline construction in the drafting technique, the construction of this next style is concluded as and educational technique, (Jewelrysm) or the Discretionism or Juryism.
The NYMPHISM is a practice that based on my studies are the growing baby tanks. Nymphism shows the only technique of wild stylisms with some discipline and goal. Other styles and/or Gothic Futurism include Dimensional map techniques, Bubble styles techniques that deal with elements of commercial calligraphy.
All-conceived Wild Stylisms in any plan of operations whether for military purposes or not will advance in drawing technique to a Panzerism style technique on the letters' structure, masterpieces, and pieces in and on any medium does not include scenery. Any masterpiece or piece that has a crack in its outlined structure techniques according to Panzerism technique has been fired upon and hit, evidence is cracks a factual damage symbol in anything that deals with art.
Graffiti era is from the beginning to the end of recorded history!
According to slang and reality condensed style structure piece equals gun not the medium, masterpiece equals cannon and/or tank or the Discretion technique.
TAG militarily the unreadable are a stabbing harpoon and pulsator technique which is like a satellite. This technique can unravel, extend, discharge, surround, attach. TAG is not a signature but a sign-overture. Due to the formula in construction of motion in motion construction, path of launch and extension of the connecting SIRPIEREULE.

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"To be of night,

...so frighteningly silent, so utterly incomprehensible and eloquent at the same time. Never more to speak or to listen or to think. To be englobed and encompassed and to encompass and to englobe at the same time. No more pity, no more tenderness. To be human only terrestrially, like a plant or a worm or a brook. To be decomposed, divested of light and stone, variable as the molecule, durable as the atom, heartless as the earth itself."

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We are Scholars Sitting Under a Tree, Waiting for our Squirrel to Fall

But the air stands in curtains. But curtains were the earliest radios. So then the air stands in radios. So then, situated in the civil obscurity of waiting, I can hardly breathe. I turn on the transistor and gasps at me, hisses, melts the pockets off my dismissal. It is in the process of becoming a pearl. A pale radio in the pose of a jewel, politic. I sink on purpose to watch it float. But the curtains scatter. Most of what we thought we heard, we had actually only seen. So then I will resist looking, it doesn't work in both directions, neither. Most of what we thought we had seen we had actually thought. The upright vapor of all the clauses from behind the curtains is so soft and tender against its own horizon, I don't want to know when


Morning is for Sissies Like You/Gratuitous

But I was trying to tell you about something strange that happened to me, but this was no way of telling it, by making it actually happen

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I Know Why

My Thoughts on Fire

To give the best possible effect to a favorite object Because we cannot help it, an anti-leveling principal evokes a sanitary temperature called burn, and with it a color called crime and a texture:shine and a swimmer: saint and a wielding air and a dancer: remembered breeze and an end: in and an end (in), andanending: never which is a form of revenge, and so the entire substance, which mistakes itself for selfless, is only the keenest motion for resisting change: to become its champion, to summons it, a rigged allure we cannot help opens itself to source and finds a father where the fire shorted, his build enormous as all the houses swung out like an urge to drink rum right from the triangle And so a gulf the opposite of soul wedges between the human and his indication and becomes my empathy, for, neither can I, suggest myself without destroying its most pleasurable aspect: oblivion and its havoc: someone else, and I love him: you, caught in an escape : myself, and afraid to make an element make lament jocund the tenuous scent of one lit on purpose is different than that of one that senses some superfluous earth then, hurry up and light.


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Because it is Terrifying, Because it is Intoxicating

What is beautiful is that it is so economic. It suffices to change a letter, a comma, a full stop and everything changes. Out to infinity. Chimes improvise the wind.

(and even still I was entire; my mind was sharp, my reflexes were good, and I was not bitter. But under the mental corrosion of race prejudice in Los Angeles I became acrid and saturated with... Yesterday will make you Cry)

What is beautiful is that it was so. Economic. It suffices to change. And everything changes.

hat is beautiful is that. It is so economic, it suffices. To change and everything.


I've been 'buked,

and I've been. S'old

Out to Infinity.

Out to what is beautiful, is that. So economic. It suffices to change what is beautiful into what is so

Suffering into nobility

Sorrow into juissance

line into limb

C'mon, Hollywood-

buzzing lease, c'mon

It's rude to be that easy

En Breve

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Syllabus for Speculative Physics and Digital Genetics

The Posthuman Condition
Cloning and Hyperreality
Photography in Time and Space
The Maiden's Voyage
The Death of Modernity