Friday, December 31, 2010

Houseparty 3

You wanted enlightenment and warmth
and so you studied light and heat
You wondered how forces can be controlled
so you studied electricity
You wanted to know what man is for
so you asked yourself What is this soul
this dump for hollow ideals and mangled morals
You decided that the soul is in the brain
and that it can learn to think
For to you the soul is a practical thing
a tool for ruling and mastering life
And you came one day to the Revolution
because you saw the most important vision
That our circumstances must be changed
and without these constant changes
everything we try to do must fail

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robot's Jazz Club

Don't leave
Your most
Acute integrity
In the gap between an impulse and a decision
Or do, whatever, as long as the sound comes through you like sky (a tense diagram)
Compensation for the marginal life you fancy now
Billings of elation no more
Sublime mediocrity, no Moor like Othello/Desdemona, moan for love
Gratuity. How you took off your yellow hat, but underneath it was another yellow hat
And they say it's a black thing, promising,
Magic replicas from imagining them as such
Custody of the scenic, snickering, or double colored for
Some kind of goat song gone ghost in the new equipment
Of a child's up-sloping eyes
My ideal, beware of anonymous letters, you may have written
And you might be interested in learning how you became so offensive as to demand
Speak of me as I am
We fear the truth has no style and the fear does tremble, tuck it to pieces of self that show up uninvited and welcome

Someone dancing, undisturbed by the music that's not on
Someone making it, telling that distance when to play

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jazz Objectifies America

A Sphere for a context, I'll trade you
Q: It appears you're famous
A: Is that what that means
And the greenest most purple grass lit up as the other side

Saturday, December 25, 2010

B-Sides from my Idol Tryouts

1. Just like in true life

The wild geese approaching treason, now federated along one keep

May we find a rafter

2. I like the way you don't
go into the cabin
that is how I like, methodically, mythicly, my accidents are protests,
are my only protests, they are never accidents

3. We even misprism the past
Turn your waltz on the face of another--
To turn on
To turn against
Opposite statements that also say the same
sometimes like the line 'floodtide beneath you, I see you face-to-face'

4. Check out your mind
Masquerading with dawn
it was invented by the press
press harder (press not push)
the bell, the liquor, if they ask you to sell them, don't
on the corner (side 1) try
'Thinking one thing and doing another'

4. Repeat: But I am
Only getting rich in order to repeat these trips

5. But I am getting rich in order..
so neither group can be understood except in relation to one another
as in/
as out,
as excuses for true stories
'it's just that his passion costumes his thoughts'
not just his past
not just a fat vacation Sunday
also an emaciated smoke break
also broken into images of smoke
the way smoke moves
from tobacco
or factory chimney
your mouth,
in order
to get rich

6. Wealth/I am farmers/I am a thief/
Fame money/ anonymous fame /factory farm/black thief/by black I mean
buy black I mean
we are what sells
thinking to ourselves
'something in me wishes this wasn't my poem'
That emotion is called glory or

7. Compliments.
The only one I want is speechless/

8. Man
You were marvelous
But your co-star, the gun,
was a bit over the top

9. Super soul
Supra soul
Hip hop's egoless self-aggrandizement is the next
toll/phase on the free/way, high/way, autoroute or
space between proof and privacy in loose weather

10. Green sides of gold sides

11. God bless the child that's got his own

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These Facts Harbor Opinions

You owe it to yourself, to get up in the mellow of the night
and take empty your bladder or revolver, and quench your thirst for the ripe grapes thawing near the fire escape--
It's the right thing to do

Why are you still lying there contemplating/
these are promises we made
The nervous system will survive any improvement you make to any self-like-painting-the-self-in-black-and-white-but-still-the-lips-are-red--
Even if you get up
throw the grapes and James Brown recordsleeve in a sturdy suitcase, and fly home
Only to wake up in the same bed, still thirsty for grapes, still the pilgrim from bladder to heart from habit to discipline, from him to his history, to him, through his history

With two hands steering the dictionary you read in your sleep,
When doubtless--
This isn't my language
unless this is how I move to live

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Monarchy to the Cinematic Consciousness

Trespass practically that way you felt the last day of a first day, negated by the grime of two languages rubbing up against one another into a vernacular pretty--kinetic misunderstanding between kinfolk/the blank finish of a black fist, stoic, tv hypnocritical..

Has this unicycle been here all along, tripping travelers toward the boardwalk that the radio will soften if you play the shit that they like-like you grandiose motherfuckers just don't play the shit that they

Like those harsh words are straight out of the picture show I like to go the moving pictures and remove the movement, let it be elsewhere-- is that Wesley Snipes or Don Cheadle or the writer..what's his name again...Ellison? Micheaux? Spike, Wendel, Weldon Johnson Poitier Delroy and them, defending a contrachangeable tension in the alphamale, I'm betting, I'm gambling on, to let the language walk up to the stage or sidle like a lady like she might decide to stay, and you might forget your lines and say

the way you felt the first day of the last day you spoke about the dada fables of faubus hobble over the apprentice to have the apprentice in the sunship was not obnoxious enough or watched the part where she got up from the table they were perched at together and left over and over backwards looking for what to say next you thought about the mouths of your favorite actor swollen and certain after a fight scene that he'll never play again only to discover himself sounding even better the next--

( A speech about the value of his failures
A love scene with silhouette for floors
Close up on the cover of Still Life With---
Mike Tyson's legendary lisp
The monotone limitlessness of a woman--
of her imagination
picking out benign betrayals and enclosing them with the daggers and dope

slurs into the clone of really bad movie which isn't hers

Only to discover a luck in the toy city is almost as legible as her so-what, low down fantasy clown

Only to the numb decoy he was, is her loyalty to the facts a matter of truth/relief

I'm just relieved what keeps walking in a cycle of leading roles is the memory not the life itself (?)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fictions of the Interlude P. 4

Sometimes my offerings are presented to a footprint
Tributes to the rejuvinating powers of your misspent life
(you're made to do it until you get it right)
Had you done the William Tell thing before(?)
or.. never show surprise
What is a god complex then if not that or like when I said

how you understood me, knew exactly who I meant

Friday, December 17, 2010

We intend to redefine..

home, as a reflection
That with which you identify
That in which you see yourself (or notice)
That effortless recognition within a fast myth
That blind shelter in the fountainine train falling from the skyline
skyline brought down with it to an earth she finds you, brooding
like a derelict horse in crashed lightening who found more purpose in jail, behind the gate of consequence
and after the escape felt impaired by freedom which we also intend to
redefine as a kind of danger, kingdom of forgetting, a bond too strong for some
(consult the oracle again to see if you can handle..) some
times I say, if I could just get away with my/
he'd go straight sure as fate for it never is too late for a man

But once we accept our new definition all this falling turned to dangling
down the hood of a cliff or from the good egypt to the gypsy greece we keep traveling as if that was the only way back
a narcissism to large to send in one place

But still, me, they never encountered
They never encountered me?
No. They never encountered me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A flying-high-coup

In every bigot remains a jagged heroic appreciation for his role in the discovery of chaos. He is of great consequence. He must not change his mind. His decency could ruin everything. The sequence of events is from low to loud and he is the rotating tassel of a graduated dream

It hurts to stop there, so early
But it's important that we do
not rhyme hurt with Mister Charlie
But find our own

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Diamond Advert ( Choreography for 3 Women/Maybe I'll work on my ratio some)

Spectator, spectator

Time capsule ambassador
I see you out there
bobbing your head to the rare up ahead, keep walking
right up to me
toward our duet as in dueling or
grouping, whatever, my undiminishing can take your presence and turn it loose on the right hens
I see you out there punishing them of their innocence
You are part of the team, then, not just by default but because you can take nothing from me and you give me nothing I need but take your gaze on me and turn it into a way of seeing, not watching, watching is no skill but capital, an ideology for cash money can't get the wealth of meaning me, nor the fractals on my gown like augury to your backfiring, nor a black christ of the andes, nor a man with the trait of camera on his gums, chimera, fake prodigal son, it happens right in front of your death that the empty spotlight lifts you back to life and it's not black magic, the magic is blue seminomadic bucolic people calling themselves entertainers are losing our minds one by one. (It's after the end of the word/thought you knew that yet) Kanye West is a victory for the west, Kanye West is a tragic disappointment for the mythscience and miners and minor birds or the canary kind who warn you it's time for new heir by the woozy way they climb and limp to a narrow surface. Informants performing their tell as they spiral downward and land on their jewelery to survive, it's cool (I'm black too). Loom, my loom is burning an address into the hemp of feathers and first nights, it's cool, it says you can wear me anywhere, you can put me on the record as saying if I had my way I'd have been...(the first noun in change hanging on to an assassination for momentum was so lazy/ideal, hang on to the last angel in history instead, re-invent him, get him out of the ground, rent him a nice prairie home companion like your unplanned self) And when he blames you for loving him, it will be the most intelligent thing he's ever done by diamonds. Don't buy diamonds. Don't buy them. You can't buy them. Men die to the scrawl of their half-hearted contracts, recording, or black love of the andes, leave us in the earth where we belong

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The West Invented the Audience (to try to convince us that was the reason we made our music)

It was bizarre
It was the blizzard gnarling the youth of the earth to the look of bicycle accidents and the superiority of silence, even promiscuous silence, in a mind with wheels
like mine
No thing is ever final but the word itself, I have to repeat that, I have to tell you again without reminding you, to remember myself. I'll put out the jasmine that was in the air then the way you put out the jazz man, put him the street-- that was not democracy you crazy mockingbird motherfuckers, that was not even getting to you or past you which was bizarre, which was the blizzard gnarling the use of the earth so you could no longer exploit its dreamsooth-- In winter, the fertility that lingers is forced upon the mind like fame on him,
which isn't why he kept playing the giddy statue too-range-for-you music but it's why you paid him to/think (so), to design a world for growing, like a child, is the only way to experience snow-- those second chances

Monday, December 13, 2010

Remarks are not Literature (This Conversation is Missing Your Voice)

King Pleasure Version



Please don't be clever, no

The curse of it leaks like shelter into itself and


Romance is the natural leader here.

Happy endings, are still required

So, baby, just get yourself together,

do it soon

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Self-Portrait in Euclidean Space/

Never front on a crew that you can't evaluate

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Translations (I thought of the sun)

Now, whenever I hear radios, even just one, not all twelve at time like you must be hearing-- In my memory, the interval we spent staring at one another in silence was endless-- Toward a time when people would fear authorities and not the criminals--Lotus stems/lotus stems for momentum, are unbreakable-- Weapons?-- Depends, or objects of pure grace, the last of the soft ferocity on the planet--So what is this, a showcase, what are you saying, what are you saying

Friday, December 10, 2010

Never Argue With the Movies

For everyone who decides they cannot afford to not be glamorous; we have the blue magic; the magic is blue. Good kid, say when. We are new to the implied increment of collapsing and can't even detect the weight of our own saturn anymore or gladness. Every few years I order a new trampoline and drop it off the middle Riverside Park. These are graffiti for when words are the least of it.

Motion Studies p.4

Le Cri from corinne Dardé on Vimeo.

Ici et ailleurs

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Commercial for Brand Name Running (Exchange of Portable Monuments)

If I seem to you to wear lavender lips 'gainst the eaves of the world, you must be--

I'm not saying that shadows are racist--

Usually insight comes to those who defy things, first of all the petty forms that sneak into their own life

Defiance is better than betrayal, but why rate the trifles in a field
next to a parking garage, listless paradise franchise goblins, immigrants from the lie

Gods were never decent enough to settle for us as were are, if you believe in that kind of thing, where the thing is power and it happens to you and not by you or usually both and knot

saying that shows are safe places to speed the heart in but what you can't hide is hard not to have like anything the painter mumbles shows up during disregard or yes or no digital Cannonball Adderley Live at the Club or how a Statue of Strauss, the Waltz King, covered in snow was the inspiration for Miles' In a Silent Way, which sounds like I hope to feel most dusk

Every song in the western world is a protest song; like worrying that comes true, so, alright, fine, I'm worried I'm gonna win or worse, pass, and I don't know what game that is you

called a heart

polyphasic as you are
why I
sleep and why I don't

Why the Black Panthers were recruiting at Newport

And the black was not redundant

There were all these kinds of one to land on the path to a fitness fit for television, you must be--

which still isn't betrayal until you notice and keep going

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Casa de lava


It is difficult to sneer at faith

That's the writing poems part. As for their reception, suppose you're in love and somebody's mistreating (mal aimé) you, you don't say, "Hey, you can't hurt me this way, I care!" you just let all the different bodies fall where they may, and they always do may after a few months. But that's not why you fell in love in the first place, just to hang onto life, so you have to take your chances and try to avoid being logical. Pain always produces logic, which is very bad for you

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Dictionary of Imaginary Places

This is a play about counter-espionage
It has the defects of having being written in wartime
and if there is a moral it is that people who work for certain organizations have very little time for doubt
There is a girl in the play, named Heather, but her name could have easily been--
(for home; for war; for honor, for Shango
And if being under fire makes for defects, it may also provide a certain vitality

And if you see us on the street don't come too close; you might catch our love of life

And fanatics do not make good friends

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Tarred Spotlight

The other at my side/who marks my sides/my emphasis/my utopia/ is my daily secret/9 views/see-me, see-me/I exist/so that when we love we are subject to a double regime/the gentle severity of an approaching /as if it were the seasons/you become the ruler of an empty city where dialogs are often mute/this does not prevent them for taking place/transcribing/luring you to the outskirts of all audible roots/to pull them out and replace them with an empty fertility/ a mutation drills itself into the vacant, into the hollow--and echos/until every idea is an object we are so very busy becoming our own ideas of ourselves and some of your ideas are the pride before the fall/to restore displacement something must evolve/then something else/then the things at our sides/which mark our sides in the green of complete mythology/in the clearing out of the blotch of days, the secret becomes the law/ then the walls of a no-longer empty metropolitan-metropolitan/ I hope to never be polite but always/ we are here to lose our hopes to their performance/for example/ we have a black president/why did we do that to him/but we love that man/we hope he wins again

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Agora Você Orfeu (Day 15 of a yin moon, p. 1)

'Not only he who hates us or envies us
Limits us, weighs us down: who loves us too
He limits us no less'

When am I going to tell my sons

Wednesday, December 1, 2010