Monday, March 29, 2010

Venue, Venu, Then You

Everyday we went to this palace; they let us use a place

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Venus in First

Merci: Appreciation Suite

Thank you for ruining the difference between secrets and lies

Though I guess we don't have to have tradition if we can somehow free ourselves from our memories,
I want something that I do not yet know

And the minute I like it, I will discard it

(Note the trade in tradition, note the crossing over as a form of forgiveness, in advance, for any dislocated art reshaped by prayer or by indifference, neither ugly enough nor beautiful enough to be a topic, yet still a tradition)
Through which we've become tourists
estranged from ourselves with no glory, but no remorse, It is for the sake of the imagination's
mercilessly misguided mercy

That I cant tell anybody; How to look or how to listen (new)
I certainly can't tell them what to remember (all the things you are)
Particularly when I want to forget everything myself
So that no two coca cola bottles are ever the same
So that I do not sip from them with casual relief
So that recognition is extinct; I do not recognize you
So that I do not behave for a groove where there is a ridge
Remembering becomes unoriginal, an unrooting, not up
Not something to be held, like a manufacturer's inventory or my reborn–desire to be held

So I forget about you every moment and every moment I know you, better, as with love
as with battle, as the bottle, followed into a fountain,
or an orphan's mispronounced crown/names

You punch me in the face and blue flowers bloom
That's what happens, like the martyr in any brand of christ, in order to disappear it has to happen, so it is not bad

Thank you for discovering the difference between existing and happening

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great Integrity/Seclusion

There can be different distances

Monday, March 22, 2010

Circle in the Round/Two Buicks

You're confusing tyranny with winning.. you mean with losing, you mean too soon to mean you've been waiting which is most like two knees on salted pavement or brass knuckles in mid-delay behind a favorite sun/sung like damn right I'm somebody, confusing rules with rise not up, knot up, not high enough, sideways, the way I ran to him like a chapel bride or like a rival or while every veil has two sides, at least two of every veil are lifting, are ordered to lift while suggestions get mistaken for orders and are given or are imposed and slow down the truth which is so bulky it slices the soul into uses 1. get money.. you mean gambling, you mean an addiction to two plans with one outcome or is it one plan with two outcomes 2. I don't think I heard you right, I'm repeating what you might have said--I listened with my eyes, confusing training with being ready 3. Get ready, I wanna be ready, I think we should be ready 4. Be a man, be a lady, be somebody right, somebody ready.. You mean run, I heard that's how we stay in one place so many times, run 5. We're confusing the premier with the beginning, just run, just be running

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Call it Anything/Triumph

1. The first girls... they can remember, and have the ability of robots. And blurry cottages in the first picture are mosques in the next. Hemlines drop for prayer, for papa, for what is proper in the first picture is not in the next

2. This woman told me she went to visit an old retired bullfighter who raised bulls for the ring

She played the record for him and after it was finished he rose from his chair and went out and fought one of his bulls for the first time since he had retired, and killed the bull. When she asked him why he had done it he said he had been so moved by the music he just had to fight the bull.

They can remember, and have the ability of robots.

That's not just legend

or fat-mouthing

3.Nor did the bull suffer the memory of the first girl, in the arena, that's who she was, torn like a puddle on staggered earth, taurus in the aura of a jumping mirror, sudden glass in the dirt of a misheard treaty, (but they can imagine and have the ability of... ) We hired

dancers, these were fighters, the one difference being the sound they moved to, toward the first, from the first, toward the first. Like they were on tour, like they were onto her, like they truly wanted her

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

All the Things you Are

You're beautiful, do rude things to me
You're doing rude things to me–beautiful
You're doing beautiful, root, things to me,
You're rude, do beautiful things to me
Your riddle drew new things to me
Yoruba, puckering crosses on a dubplate
there is no such thing as trusting/you're beautiful
He struck you as no such thing

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eagle on a Dime

There is no such thing as strutting
He trusts you
Enough to wear vests up his angles
Enough to flail and turn figurine
inside a vault; instead of
a l l / o v e r

Thursday, March 4, 2010