Saturday, November 15, 2014

A slow news day's dream

There's this penalty mingling in the blood  of kings and queens     and it   rusts   into   disease  like a   child   with     no education    but   eyes      In one sentence  I can say    the west invented   the virus   and in the next    they  deserve   it     have earned   their deaths   and   curses   and rebirths    early     and in the   sentence   we're  doing   everything     in our   power     to   keep    them    out of   the  air  ,   their words, their nerves, their parakeets of mercy   and see irony    between passages       water    or    trapped    blood    or    whatever       I'm the daughter of,   I invented        

trust the laws  of transformation     they finally came   by  with flowers  for my father's        milestone   and the courage   to deliver   them     and   some deliberate    witnesses  I called     men      fell in love   with   myself   again   this   season    when all the saviors    are the killers       again    this   season      it feels   meaningless to  lament   again this season   I'm suddenly smiling  again this season    for      

Marcus  Garvey   

June Jordan  

Erupting chords or a broken sun  and     in their torpor a tour of  becoming 

the top downness of   the comedown  and have been  down    in the summit kind of   way   I   wish   Sun  Ra was alive so he could  storm the governor's  office   like a highly visible  one  in high   places     singing the downbeat weightless    as     if     maybe    he lost   his  name     

Never let your army go home