Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The day our church grew a stage it caught on fire

MJ turned slow white selling coke   and carbon  broke free as melanin   is unreasonable   again  

st     what light      The ghosts    are right  to   poke fun at  our blindness   which  we love  the way we  love them    for sentimental   reasons     and   can    no   more see  the   shine    in   it   than  in   Sam Cooke on stage  combing his hair  and looking  in the mirror    to invent the black teenager in the image of   pleading       and mercy   is vain   like  we are  like   niggas     is   vain    and   mercy  too    /    too thankful      for the pain  to question it sometimes  /   Junkies    rhyming   punks   with     with   undeliverable     season  

wake  up, bossman    Your territory!    Is so far from your character   it's  coming  between     two  invisible   men          not to mention         what happened to all the worshipers