Monday, May 25, 2015

Campenella's Utopia

Oh cherub
 Oh rubber parody of the bare ease of spring
body afraid of mending as rival militias mend / Dissolving our western selves in the interest of survival
A new book is out, about the luxury of foraging, the luxuriously hip wilderness, did you liken the risk  of too casual an existence to Odom's Cave,  the way black women saunter into danger like preordained saviors, like the club was the underground railroad   and   maybe...      afraid all our ideas behave like rhymes, too final, chicken grease    in  a dim        in Adam  —   Oh barely  entered summer   we plan to scorch    with mumbled confessions—      that was me    bent on producing another kind of man through the mobilization of rituals that had no value yet        
That better have been me