Sunday, September 27, 2015

Another radiant

Uneventful    fallow    body  so   many     dopamine      allegories      cobalamin , by no means  a dove

If speaking in code grows boring      so does Andy Warhol     but Miles can beat me always and I'll still tune my spade to him  and cry innocence   and no I won't reserve my abstractions for daily  --  when they   pant  like     lush life   into   isolation  ,    such slaves    at first  glance   such  anarchists   when   I look up   again  

                                                                   adversarial    pretense
                  my forces
for  what forces?

and thenagain    the unthinkable is a tone    from    us n'them    who stretch repeat so thin it fades  to various       those                                                                                                                                                           forces    
                                         these   spades          our   story       radiating from lakeside  stereo  as   indifferent  daggers in pose and repose        as      it-girl   nodding   off   into   her   own reflection where    

all that silence   inflects  

 our dread   of a   revelation          

and  all that    noise    does     too        mean    an unusually  lawless  beauty   captured  between dawns     against    beatitude     against     what   saints      we   pressed   our     true   saints     singing one    name   and claiming     another              til    what became   of the distance   between   birmingham      and      los  angeles      ?