Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hood Science (1)

I'm sure his childhood was in his mind    waving

Hey, I'm here with my things; we can share them! 

      meet me at the childbirth, meet me at the abduction

or in the original language there are no vowels        Let me show you

how  howl  whitey   take a bow     mouth   roving like a fan suspended in gold bling  and lantern  gone nul  owl    whole gone

Let me show you how these magnetic fields self-organize everything , so you see how these cells move into place    

                              make villages    disgrace mixed with     polymorphic    I hate you   I love   you , sure      be   careful  when you're trying  to get dangerous   with high   science,   be careful

Muhammad Ali, poisoned
Michael Jackson, poisoned
Eazy E, poisoned  
                                            by the president,   by the fame   toy    

       and         my father's  childhood          stuck  in my mind
                                                                                                               a warning walking in every direction   at   once          a getaway  


Why you here in the first place?