Sunday, February 7, 2016

Other trees

At the very start I must warn the reader that we may not share the same understanding of such common words as oracle, god, gods, deities, angels, spirits, niggas, negus, nigggahs, beauty, will, spirit, soul, mind, omniverse, individual, food, hood, understanding, subconscious, honkey, perm, magic, miracle, success, law, grace, race, thinking, beliefs, analysis, synthesis, religion, meditation, animal, emotions, consciousness, human, hasbeen, womb, ghost, vampire, soloist, master, jazz, jaws, entertainer, laugh, cattle, clown, dad, deed, terror, love, marriage, adultery, sainthood, freedom, discipline, needle, polygamy, gun, money, and many, many, many other words, and unless we get on the the same page regarding the meaning of these terms and their related objects, and concepts, this work will not be fully useful to the reader.