Sunday, June 26, 2016

One for Nearis Green

This patient arcade is finally dimming
                                                                                        Nearis Green is glowing in the   dark      
                                                                                        Lonnie Holly is glowing in the dark
                                                                                        Coretta is a martyr too   the graves floating up to the surface      are   too         the river's  food    no one  owns the   river     and all the land is free too      lazy niggas are free too    discipline is a reasonable     form of beauty      the   only       truth   too much   and you get free too     free      from     egregiously       renewed to clarity

Where are your other   eyes       ,   Charles, Charlie              the part where you look in the mirror and dream   you   were we           the inverse / have  mercy   /  you must not know 'bout me    part   of our  dripping   territory       is   loose    on this     era's  ending        

Now show me the part   where Jesus comes out of KFC™