Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Attempted Lynching of Jasmine Richards

I am so happy  for   this       I    found a star   tree   leaf       the blond boy screeches running up to his obese   equally blond sister, he shows her the plucked green star,   she giggles, yeah!, and they  run off somewhere.      There's small lizard in the parched grass and a toy drone in the sky above it. Buzzing, swerving over some kinda fat camp congregated, playing freeze tag, whites, mexicans, and me in the grass in my tiny red bikini reading James Baldwin, God Save the American Republic.

Jasmine Richards, a young black activist from Pasadena, California has been charged with felony lynching. That's almost funny. But no. I caress my throat checking for rope. It was something she said. Something beautiful. Calling all hoods, gangs, and sets. That wet church on television with a bomb in the basement. Every black girl needs a diamond studded leotard and a flooded church. I carve out the headline and run down the red hill, past the fat camp and the blond ambition, in awe of my blunt innocence, mama, they wanted to see us fly like star leaves, collector’s items   us  black kites of empire/ even your daughter is a runaway slave, even me! She shrugs. Yeah! And turns up the volume on her Martin rerun. I am so happy for this     the blood in the grass is blue