Thursday, August 8, 2019

Requiem for Mamie Till

On the edge   of duress     this pressured   ecstasy of leaping   let the people see    what I see  
     there  is something   already too   symmetrical like   angels in Emmett's       manner some nerve in his    eyes as crisp as September roads   some road in him as smooth       as it smothers the crooked attitude of   those who beg to touch it the flickering   acquisition of that shine his perfect pearl lips  and shimmering teeth we go blind when he’s happy     and she is prone to shimmering with him and all   the men wear big black hats to her daggers to her      eagles to her solomon’s leap and they are prone  
                                                                                                                to shimmering   with her    
  Revenge as  endless and    unwedded as love     we made needles in   the skulls of evil men     and then left them   to their entropy thinking     
         they  got   away with    something swoop   kissing at the verdict   like the frozen corpses of  Pompeii Mississippi they really   did this kissing / killing filled  their DNA with needles you have to   laugh at their ugliness you have     let the whistle echo in them like an itch to  dissolve all will but repentance            

Mamie  will never  be the same   

She can see daylight   on the other side       it has a hidden name      

Let the people  see what she sees