Monday, December 22, 2014


 For efficiency     I'll address my lover and leader  as if they are  one  and both  me    and   a Sunday  kind of /  I  mean/  like  a preacher   the only people who know how to say nothing  and everything    break  into me   as myself    and wait with for her with   objective  eyes   how I  prove   I love  you    as much when I'm  high  as when   I'm  riding   a loose wheel alongside  the   fire     daring it forward       have  I already   used   that   thought   before     maybe    in a different   or lazier  radiance    maybe  but  who cares   

The point is   what about the Invisible Woman    his perfect compliment    where is Ellison's     finally treatise  in honor   of her.   What  is  she like.  The fierce  one   fiercer  still with  every triumph  with every   defeat    even  her defeats   make you feel triumphant   or effete    look that up   again to make sure  too refined   by  your  morals   to rage   and bless  and be under siege  and running free like her       who is  she    what is the thing that is most important   to her      and how does  she rile it into  joy and grievances   alternately   how does she use self-awareness to avoid  herself.  

And will it all get easier   when niggas are obsolete   willingly    and her invisible wings show up on the craps table   double seven   gold fronts   a knack for laughing with old men  and turning their sick jokes into parables      

Miles began taking a little bit of cocaine occasionally      recreationally addicted is the latest clean  

I'm dealing with the myth that I'm an angel