Sunday, January 4, 2015

And therefore an angel has no history

And the most profound seduction is no longer indifference   but that bashful  anxiety  we call innocence     , use to invent one another   to be first again    having become involved   having learned to mediate these opposites   with tenderness  the   one concept we are for and against  together   we just have to pretend we don't know one another   and are so familiar with that unknown   we fall and rise again every dawn    an amorous  sense of reason  that heals us of history with its approach  always threatened by the memory of difference      we want the commons    that cures all illiteracy  of spirit   without disrupting the anxiety  that is spirit itself    the inside  outsider  correspondent   shadow light redundant isolation   break dancing  among asians  is just as dissociative   as angels in a reunion of eternal  forgetting    we could choose  that     have affairs    keep the parachute  near  the ladder   do you hear  that  noise    time  hallucinating   again   acting relevant  flying   ahead of morals   to practice 1964  for the barricades  have become portals   camouflaged by resemblance   and how we  strip the myth of details  makes us angels  and therefore   the slave has no history    and therefore   patience  is as embarrassing as revolution    or the fear that the bridge between experience and condition  is  no longer  blackness but some other code that it represents    saturates   with every maybe    and I plan to stay a believer    and therefore the mercy calls me to deliver to  each angel a history     and therefore history  has no angels     F r e e d o m    will come to itself  again   grimacing   how petty    the saviors  had been