Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recognition Scenes

I couldn't stop googling mugshots : Prince, Madonna / billyclub on a  Monday   plot locked in Aristotelian... like in  Clockers   / runner addicted  to malted  chocolate rocks, and  Papa / Papa     the pills /our pills     toppling into sold  songs and mammies on the tv dinner tray in wrong aprons imma run again—

And what it's all leading up to is the longingest reunion, hundreds  of us  on one stage  like it was our ships again... I mean all of us, Malcolm and Mlles and Nina and Etheridge  and them,  chanting   a fantastic silence  into the expectation kind of    maple  hunger   becomes  anger/funny  and a sun in my heart   the nights we spend   listening to jazz and watching porn together until we lose track of the difference... unprecedented    even prison is romanic   and heaven is dumb and  is there anyone who isn't sold into songs from one or the other or wondering at the slave hunter, is it my turn