Friday, August 7, 2015

Everything I ever wanted

Some chicken at noon
that criminal ocean
some noon chicken at noon
some chicken come noontime
black potential   so scratchy, sun
we mesmerize and keep glamouring lean
supple blooming tom-tom possibilities   even  /   eve n them
hunt something new to our situation, some chicken
some noon - noon ness  tree chicken crooners for whom
violence becomes confidence      the con charm  of martyrs  is    some of em are polite suicides
the black male leader ones,  unaware  duty from    selenium to  lumbar  remembers  humiliation as a large chicken hung in the memory to spell rebirth backwards, three  hurry  birds   but   that was a movie    shoulders back   neck  free, your co-star is allergic to watermelon, soft song plunged up from the guillotine as when the joy of opposites is a flesh unto itself  

Lee Perry is babbling again      how I am the sky computer mute entropy scene in which he go 360 and Miles, he's trapped in furs    and bitter whispers  and
Nat's rage lurks in blind echoes   make showtunes slave roads
We will not be coerced  into struggling by our taste for blood   and conversation  yet

and besides                     we don't  eat  flesh    and yet      abidingly    I'm  everything  I ever wanted   I promise                       to  get light