Thursday, August 20, 2015

You hear with your bones

Swollen rural lust   and the slow-growing greed of freedom ...

some of us wonder what a drum clinic  would bloom on the plantation and others of us made such  radiant escapes  with our palms   paving the earth  on   rhythm     declension      small mercies

or when she learned her potential children had already been born     electric bodies to trick the seasons        in  olive  black balance     flashes of  a  shoot  out in front of a chicken  shack  make  the voodoo backwards and drummer  fires   through  you   like   food   and   hungry  niggas live  forever, listen    forever      huddled together  in the brush   as shucked crops,    listen   and  otherwise,   close   one     all the way up to his heart  where the bird  flew  out from    mumblin'  something about through   thick  and  thin, listen     his image   window   told   him   he was an opinion   often    beating the   earth   lawless  as  heroes     is   so fun   and  phantom     listen