Thursday, October 8, 2015

Privacy is the only glamour

for my people, now which of my people,  I'm in several groups? 

I am not a secret 

to soothe the savage beast

I am not a secret   

I am no man's secret 

how to turn inevitabilities into choices  like the will  is with it   not  a secret     nor a crisis  nor this magazine  ice      internment       on our terms   starring 

The new subdued mature  Jimmy Hendrix        

afraid to approach the microphone  with his old time religion  boa       his body   searching for ma-at  

his name locked in lights 

as if he is the good secret  keeping us  in    fur    and   fright    (of freedom )  

                                                       I want a land where the   sun         don't        question  

                                                  him   or take his prints  or fiendish saturn      or Discipline 27 - II