Thursday, October 22, 2015

Who wants to know about the angst of a militant black monster?

When we took Sun Ra to the streets   people thought it was dance music      It had a beat    people didn't know it was supposed to be deep                Now they propped this blood  on the cover of Newsweek nigga  mona lisa   peeking out from under   his secret   love     as Dr. Martin Luther King Junior sits calmly with a letter opener protruding from his chest      Kiss my black     heart     yeah       it   has   a beat     it's  been chased   beaten  ridden  riddle   eyes        survived    the dance and the abstraction    kiss    that       bloody  speech    we     see Bill Cosby  running from  on a treadmill   in the distance     every   horizon   or   so   another  Moses    deposition        kiss    the   displaced forgiveness  we call gangster proclivities,  feeling   good  or    cause  I got like that      a    cold tally of   what terrible things     communication  can   do