Monday, March 14, 2016

A lot of blood flying by candlelight and all that

Anyway, we're not alone,

      Which is a condition that ought to induce prayer     or the parodied vitality   we call terror / fatigue

Lead acoustic, where? Ah, Imma boss   up, where ?   There is a Caribbean nation suing Great Britain for reparations   ?    Where     are the Niggas   who know    about statelessness    and still wear dazed Nikes    with a three piece         Are we marvelous      

                                                  is this our value   less   the escape   route      

did the Odyssey make ownership     a destination         even for souls   loved by   nature     did  we know   better    and   was better   a destination    did   we make ourselves    a better destination     every    wave   of disappearance     made    new     way   safe   and impossible   again        and the look on  the black man corpse's   visage    is   always,   gotcha!   Dismissed, dismissive, or how our martyrs   get    ahead