Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Float on by the Floaters

Doo wop in opposition   to the sister  dying      of impersonation  or   your sister  remarking   how                                                                                                                                     intelligent seeds   can  become

or three men harmonizing   in powder   blue   with the white ruffles   and the mule variations    peeking through  sober auditoriums

                    and the two  black  maids   in   the backseat   of a DC  taxi    teasing    how we  dream  too much      to the sudden  editor   of their sorrows         a risk              even the candor   is nervous  
even the man I love  puckers    into  double dutch  like   a motor   or   my  otherness    exposes   a tormented    radio       that no longer believes   in suffering     and just like that     you see a crown in the servant's  attic   and appropriate  that grief     as mastery