Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A story about the body

Watch the lash  lasso   around the slave's back         as      your father wraps an arm around your 

mother's             rib  then    Look at pulp fiction   sleeping christians do not have buddhist                             dreams    

his mask   /  the bearded 
                                    man     who   should be my    defender   is  fleeing down a ladder? 

Samuel L.  Jackson    was once the highest  paid actor   in Hollywood       owning  nothing , not even    his own stage/ name      or that    charitable disobedience       fame tamed him into     New free words    like   he was  eating Othello    new   low    like   wondering how  that  tastes   in  a cradle  of snow     each fuzzy dent    aerobic     with   senseless light    it gets   ridiculous   to  love  in hiding     does  the body   understand  opinions     it   gets    so  fun     waving  them away   in the parade     

Sake sake sake   sake  black maid descending a staircase in uniform  to the rhythm of furious nearly violent clapping          Clay   and a lady     strapped to the peaches  like  apologies