Monday, September 5, 2016

The dance of the masked man

Luring the enemy into strange territories,  the forrest, the pasture, the swamp, the mind   skirt made of hay   skin  opaque velvet   vestigial nipples exposed like bullet holes in a pool of benevolent chicken grease     you sicken   me     I   love you       because you're a fool and don't know how to love yourself

Holy Riddle : 

A benevolent white supremacist enters the hooded jungle with a gun and a bible and comes out with a negro and diamond studded poker face  and I can't name one brave associate   friend   or  enemy, not one  but I'm writing a       beautiful   lyric   about the    way     Bud Powell tiptoes across the Seine looking  for   notes     and  renderless noise       and sinks into the window of his   reflection    mumbling I'm famous?  Ain't that a bitch