Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Is this some kinda hustle?

So our god is an all consuming fire and we are its embers burdening the sweet dog's mouth?   
Black dna has been changing rapidly since the 90s, and we are evolving?  
You've got to have a hellava ego to think that you are harming the planet 
the people who study the ancient mysteries know that the earth is heating up to save us and language is a lazy hustler
My words are gonna click again, and scoff and slur into Birdie Africa    cohesive again gripping the gnarled root of no more winter      and you, baby    shy and naked in the yard  living on  the borrowed sugar of a wrong  idea  will butter the dragon's mouth          We are diamond people now, we who have gone through the milling process of utter hell    and come out telling the tiny horse how to escape from time