Thursday, December 1, 2016

Star Killing

Fight  : the gridded spotlight      bleach blond weave (again?) miss piggy looking muppet type  clutches Lee Morgan cement                        Sluggish fame machines   everywhere touch denial and it's a mall spilling foam made of snow  on Los Angeles,     say  the  word  bleach   with  me   like  leisure,   like victorian sleeves ripped in solidarity with Fidel :    dare a hero to be a killer    for justice,  for  just  surviving  cointelpro / leave Lee's blood    flowing slow brass levees in  the street,  Fidel strutting up the heavens. as the bleached sugar rolls into Havana, leave him to teach the hunt to sunny mutants,      but bring  his name  inside     To all the women   who struggle   for a better world, who know revolution is personal and wash and fold the guillitine into the morning coffee like good liars       Nobody's messiah  is nervous   bitter   or allegorical  AD         as Assata crosses  the Jersey turnpike , her gun arm steady  around american coffin flowers : sweet rebirth   , sweet beneath its destiny, marks the profound generosity of decay