Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grace notes (one)

Saw god with her ski mask on in the corner of the mirror / I   where the illusion’s maps spun with guiltless delirium

But before I knew the concept of who and what quote unquote god was    I thought my father was god   fuzzy opera  years    and  wads of eternity

Beneath the glory,   the fatigue  / ecstatic        Lactic acid vs. oxygen      Cesium  cures  cancer                                                                                                                                Chromium
                                                                    And crawling on our hands and knees  in grass just after a                thunderstorm

       Preparation for  war    

                   Auto-hypnosis               prophethood vs. priesthood and  you was in the pit with the dealers the hustlers the pimps the prostitutes    you’re going to have to master both      uses  of us    

Concert   dance  and  vernacular    dance,   swamp taboo and feral land animal    the body being everything        and   the wooden  African deity  standing in the corner  near the door           to the spirit  it charges      get rid of your treadmill if you wanna survive   the AI  are racist ‘gainst I and I sayers      but am I done killing off my characters for their unforgivable   ?
              Kayne   is a virus  in  the matrix like contracts  and marriage   and broken bibles  /christmas, show me the page it’s on in there,  show me the mall in jerusalem and ice princess cartoon  crooner screaming   buy  me. sell me      

           he caught  that disease like a good black athlete   but he’s one who        deserves a cure   his mother’s revival    and let her cry :

                     diamonds aren’t even rare , my nigga,  but I am        blackman   get your soul back ‘fore yesterday can

Whoever says sister now except the radicals  ?       Insulin breaks down sugar
                                                                                 Lipase breaks down grease   it’s one or the other  for the lazy  
                                                                               human body produces no enzymes to digest meat , flesh really, the dead flesh of other animals, also a virus in the body    responsible for the other viral   orders strolling down   the cold lanes of   sorcery   into righteous conformity    I  honor   the treason that lets me know these things, only  that     unabashed       honor ific    and

The deity in the corner reaches for my hand,  must have heard me ready to save everybody  from their fake     honor killing        but I’m busy  now   smashing skittles onto the pavement in the place of chalk, tracing grace in disgrace til they cuddle walk        husking the spotlights off escape routes and
                                                                   Watching men become the lies they uphold , sucking the virus from their flesh and spitting it at them   that rotten candy        you like that don’t you?
                   falling to my knees in protest    
                                                                                                                        Reparations. Grace notes