Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The blood of the thing

I told you love was more dangerous  than   hate.     We’ve  been repeating ourselves since  the late  nt    meaning       behind     our captivity  was discovered  :   We’re   so   loveable    so easy   to love    so easy  to idolize       I told you bible worship  was the same as idol worship      while you feathered  your thumb across my cheek  talkin  bout baby   be my   church n stuff      I told you  danger  lives  longer  than  fear     and set   out   to prove    it      ever seen me look afraid?   Ever  seen  me  say   no to myself  in  the listless  hour  of parting?   Sharp coffee in the morning  and then every few hours until sunset. Nap with head on the marble countertop. Whiff of blunt wrap and car alarm wakes him. Another army band on the box   my god! the needles  sound so holy! Roll me a hinged god spinning so.   I told you sin   was no different than devotion.     They got a wire  on Baldwin  even while he vacations in Palm Springs,   they  watch   him  wake up smoke  shit   fuck   write   suck  the sun out of watermelon    all of it      and get paid too      to   watch        the black dot  move  

Told you they’ll spy on the ghosts when they run out of heroes    turn you into both  and make you  surveill yourself     But just as easy as we could snap into position we cld stay maladjusted, crude in the blood, voweless with dove cut wings    ass to the ceiling   eyes watching god      praise the water that gives back no images         

                                              Grace Notes (seven)