Monday, February 20, 2017

And I just love that plastic horse so much

as in a plant whose roots are not in earth    but in the heavens     my soul  my seven elephants   my  old flame   enters  the lemon  tree and falls off / green    ferments   to  ripen   tastes    tense in glass         like memory :    you no longer have to listen  to a nigga sitting on a couch    

What was the significance of the kool-aid colors, then?  An armor of what kills us gleaming on the outside like a shield    and   no more mumble   rap  whole laugh track cacophony  into wave cap ad    /  clap for me     fuck your couch   /  latitude about  delusion 

And if you objectify all of your experiences    your soul  will seek   revenge in this    as commerce           or take   it  / in blood    

I used to trust   sugar     lust      and  municipal water      I used  be   an easy rider    Cheeto   fuzz so  pretty  like   carrots   but the roots of both left you for dead  or Jimmy Fallon   house band type   wanna be ready      and now come back to Chattanooga  acting brand new    looking to sell America  her own  rotten dream  by becoming   it        such rookie   mistakes    our best black events    such a young way to ruin