Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sex Tape or Future and Audre Lorde Fall in Love

Despite all their fervor    they were headed somewhere  limp  in the intellect    nursery rhyme dialect   headed  somewhere   all   circumference     hunnid  something for Sumerian  tablet happy meals   where  you get   to munch  the  code-cold   sun  upfront        the rest  when you've   eaten a bit of rat flesh   in the shape  of yesterday    perishing      

                                youth addiction   Future  dreams  of codeine   nibbles the white nipple wedged between him  and his    soul   stice  staaay sis     what  is this?   passes out   on   the battlefield       improviser  /   wisest   man   I  ever     mumbled    alongside          Power   with all the wars      in    it      ain't  shit       in    a   flawed   system      besides     self-destruction     may  all our enemies   become    powerful    and  empty    in   the  west       while  we sell our bodies   these   mumbled   prayers           codeine  ain't got nothin    to   do     with my   love, child     either  

labor   in the holds was painless 
bled  til  the chains lost  their grip   
And there are  tapes  to prove it