Thursday, July 16, 2015

A woman who is not interrupted

I.  Peddling the melted ice  of her eyes she had pacified life  so well   Yesterday I will be tragic   now   triumphant   and     bell them together   like     mummy     in the clean  air of nowhere

Where is the air still clean ?   Where!  Where are wives  still  lovers   and parodies   more perverse  than the natural   order     order      is also  grotesque    like   together    forever     for where is forever  in the jester's   articulation  of now     and   there   we  were  

II. Havoc is vanity  and chaos  is vanity       we want more time with the child in ourselves  and to cross  back and forth between young and ageless     Did Bill Cosby really rape all those women?        

Don't interrupt me.

III. Cake     cake cake cake cake   cake       how a word that outlasts its meaning becomes scenic  / music       a bowl   of stone fruit  in   photo        of   you       without black beauty  there's nothing prince charming can do