Thursday, July 2, 2015

Diminuendo and crescendo in blue

And when the barrel  lifts its coil   from   the mouth  of the toy   trumpet    heiress  to  her father's   love    oh  love oh   careless    love      where   were    you      then          andalusian   blood of henchmen     where    were   you     when   papa   coughed   up   his heart   in the  jail  cell and still refused   to stop   singing        praise  songs      Plain Gold Ring   on his finger  he wore    Paradise disorder

Trauma   is  disgusting    but     euphoria   is boring      

Every  morning   a new manifesto  on how niggas   ain't   shit   unfolds  in   the  myth  or honor   killings          

Dandelion Root and Leaf
Juniper Berry
Stinging Nettle
Red Clover

Your heart pumps   you don't think about it
White Oak Bark
Butcher's Broom

Seven black churches on fire in our 33rd June
I swore the swoon was adoration but it could have been fear,  back then

Anything is endless   in   blue        and  who   forgets the    pledges     just to stand there with his fist pressed to his  chest        and rescue     and rescue