Friday, July 31, 2015

Profound Encounter with the United States of America

The love, being cruel, is also  merciful      ( Highly Recommended) 

                                                            And all the burdens shift to the skin     with an altruistic glow

I'll seethe here with jealousy,   he promised    

I'll act greedy  but mean ecstasy  is neither gentle nor folded into me like the cruelty I use to reach  it  

Pleasure  is cruel  too  (attainable/shifty   (Highly abused for every green night   a fugitive   isolates some striking blues  as arousal ( Blacked-Eyed Susan whose eyes are blue til Jim comes in, the new American  

and hedonism mistaken for righteousness is a one word attitude we don't have a word to, but people, all the so called leaders from MLK to your soul ... praise the hedonist!   

And when you exaggerated  you lured   his laughter  into Cadillac Records   where the mythic   lowness of black  is getting trapped  in   that  hope    exactly   


                                                       we used yesterday  like a famous favor  and promised her  perms and cadences        greeted with a pack of cigarettes and photograph of John Wayne on Ellis Island, Jamestown,    we realized kill or be  killed  and it is all very lively from then on   and unreasonable   and we will