Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Forensics Outside of Miles Davis' Jail Cell

There is a rose there/   scarecrow    fearless crow    go on Miles, my scarecrow   hijacked  by exposition  I  mean  there's  a blank   hand    and   a cloying   redened   andthenagain scent      belongs  in it          tentative city  wrong   hint      front row rose   slow   jail bird   blow up  flower  into   4/3rds  of how  

There is an officer  holding a rose  out  for  the   black hero  he just  clubbed    out in front the Vanguard/ club 'bout panic  and art, power  and disaster  far out, man, far out   there  there is an official   rose ducking  between the bars   let's    harder       He's gonna fuck  his wife tonight   when they get     home    tender   then  harder     he's gonna fuck  her up     until she runs   into the subtle    no where yard    for how hard the cop hit him    he's gonna charge at her sobbing with fists in embrace  me     brackets   and carve a mask 
                                                                                                         into  the prettiest   fact   until  she understands    and    

                                                         You don't what love is      (either)