Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The two Babylons

How much does a dad cost?

Then he got crucified

I was    bye bye blackbird    boss soul pried whole as modal lithograph     how much   are they asking

I have these  free opinions   (three men entering one)   and the inability to wear false diamonds as willingly as real ones ... Sun  Ra hunting riddles from the country preacher's finally speakers loud enough to enclose the club like a total  zoo   I was trying  to buy you too   how much  you gonna cost me  

How much would I go for

The way he attacked those words      made   the porter whisper a smile.... you see us  out here  like servants, yet enjoying ourselves   pretending oppression and austerity are the same thing, they're different,  terrible beaches  linger as dunes      I'm    so  decadent   imma buy him  back   and make   him   work       for   me       do the robot or something  while singing local gospel          Penelope     wake  me when he sells