Saturday, March 28, 2015

Willful Sin

The parody of struggle in which a chiseled black man carries a white woman's entire weight on his  bare thighs while she coils around him helplessly he traverses their bloodless stage,  and she comes across too, in that position, the parody needs more velvet and original ideas and gin and liars    and what can willful sin cure  what more can willful sin  cure      

later I witness myself tossing crystals into the blades of a ceiling fan to fade out into the wheels of justice   like   today I was so sexy   as the understudy for that stray mafia mistress if I'd been a little less yellow  the doors may have flung open like   your warrior     plus the doped up cobra always ready to appear when   the basic bling gets into a stupor   feels his mother appear in loose character and dial a rotary  for some  other man  she loved 

                                           Men are never white blackbirds™

And what would our favorite men have done without a common enemy in themselves?  Lived too long like chump buddhas dumping their most suitable myths into the silence as the bodies of special crimes float on good timing—the enemy gave them the sincerity of slaves / again   we imagine their bodies pressed against ours like scars   and this is comfort   and we call the press just as sorrow begets a nuance of euphoria and the lights flash as drums     dirty Sun coming home 

First question   

How did it feel to be away so long?