Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

But the saddle is still casual  

back in that colony  

black in a wall of yellow     we    neglected ourselves to become ourselves   to make room for becoming      some negroes bleach our elbows   and there are   ads   for that     in  Jet  and    the cabaret    attitude  Liberia  don't  be rude   but the end of nearness is when honesty  becomes cruel  or even    useful  like   cruises  for old capitalist couples  who need activities    and proof    One or two   Grace Paley stories  make me feel   the safest  place   and that safety     betrays    latent  fears   faced then banished   fear of looseness   fear  of missions    love of fear  of men    etc.    for example 

another  camel  in my  new mind     another  fancy  pacing    water          

Although it's no longer  in vogue  to fetishize     our oppression       on sundays   
the kids  put the mouths of the guns  they got for christmas   to their lips   and act    like  trumpets