Saturday, June 6, 2015

In the middle future

Stardust  sign  
Our wedding on a phonograph record
Man arrested for hiding a knife  in his Christ / Chrysler/Bible (whatever)   blurry syncopated readership    let it be    all three   bells    bells     weekend  Elvis
Ford Foundation / bureaucrat  / guy named Thadius  they say, did he get out, lately?
Brutality and Remembrance, nevertheless   the eternal stranger     gets a lyric  commerce
still niggas  have  no leader    between   being   and beings   a little burlesque  thing     race concept   our country   ing     the  come to be   of the word  fecund   in the teeth      as honey   in the   villain

Sotto Voce       the last private  man    the  last  law of nature    encounter     hug  their own wounds   like           farmers    or John Wayne  hugging Sammy Davis Jr.    after they   trade   skins   in the mirror  / stage

It's not a natural  thing          to  go  some place     and to say      this is mine    

so they ride the echo down
pretend to get lonesome for a storm