Monday, June 8, 2015

When the party needs us our hearts are filled with denial

Why are you listening to so much Rahsaan Roland Kirk, these days?

Because he is in a trance next to me and he looks at me without seeing me 

Does that bring you solace/completion?

That brings me to the picture of our father as a baby hanging from a tree   house with a guitar between his teeth 

Numb fascination?

I mean he obstacles himself to save us from his tenderness, which would crush faster than every weapon   and  when I listen  to the blind prophet hiss and sizzle into someplace vivid   it's as if the violence of slapstick and the humor of pornography rise to some still center in the midst of outrage and could raise us with them    

Were you looking to be punished, were you looking to be appropriated, were looking for a way to wade through the smoke, as lake?

Cop wrestles bikini clad black teen to the ground in response to speech act. I was looking to escape the strife that enters in the space between two fantasies   repose  black amour   an army of children waiting to be given wars