Tuesday, June 2, 2015


In the parallel  I held a laughing perm and swarmed the classic skin bleaching ads for  Ethel Ennis   and all the girls who somehow misunderstood the promise   were chanting   no more death    no more heartache   no more                                                          misunderstanding     and  my tan was a fancy palindrome  for  their seedless rebellion     and once in a while hybrid eucalyptus   grows like dandies   and I'm  still obsessed with dandyism in black men and in the revelation that the dream was teaching the dreamers how to live    which  was teaching them   how to die  and apocalyptic second coming  and I am unphased    which was why   they  stay    buying into every play siege  as a wideness/   thick tedious  lips / to abide then/  generous   dream  to teach  its endless germ   in the clean  way      and safety is clear   thinking and radiance  redeems   pretense now and then    and I'm again  making a tabloid   monument  to    us and them   and   us/again     The spectator must be allowed some distance    because  the difference   between innocence   and devotion    is a sudden one, sullen  one, sublime  hunter   see how we run some  light            Photo of Cornel West lunging into a crowd of uniforms   all   my unadorned  objectives    could I get abstract enough to rescue desire   from  fear   could  I get that   and is seduction   at last   militant