Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goldilocks Zone

Astronomers are searching for rocky planets like ours   in the goldilocks zones of other stars   

In the desperation to become  more  like  our  brainwashed selves           I counted five thousand black women with blond hair  and pituatary tumors from  the dye and toner   no recollection        has it  been worth it    this muppet aesthetic?             

Our bodies form based on the spectrum of sunlight they  are  under    every planet creates  beings  like every continent    get closer to the equator and  the mouths  lush as fountains  eyes bending light isles of natural magic in a row of machine addicts    I choose you  and all your miserable comfort   goes     dissolute

When their tans  fade      they could almost  pass     between the two  tropics and get back to their violent wishes        the   house in that fable     is a  black  body      the  moral  is don’t  be a whore     

Ethnic cleansing comes on subtle   all of a sudden   black girls   are all platinum  plato  humming dope in the bushes   he means   a flashing   question  : what brings you here ?    and next thing you know   the chain gang hobbles  along  whistling  dixie  or your body’s so flimsy we could lease it  with no credit  check   

You have pledged such reckless allegiance to this land  can you shake it down