Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to the Slaughter, Children

Whispered: it could not  be dreamed          gutted castles   and heme  group fairytales and the occasional rebel    laugh     factor  the   wind      s   dashing  babble       soft brushes  on metal  cymbals   and the way a liar   folds   into   himself   over  time      trapped in a stranger’s    bible        becomes   a nest of hints   

                      You  see the kephra beatle  always  pushing  up the sun  then beating his chest shouting:    tell me I won   tell me   one    difference  between   hope   and memory         won the movie    !   I won the movie      Turns out it was bootlegged   and not   in HD  and the bright  parts  looked  like interrogations      and the   black men hanging from saturn’s  rings    were  not actually acrobats  or actually   fugitives    they were  just  mapless   trees    perfect maples   spun  into  language in need of me to use them      one   screams :  
                                       This is the next best  thing to being a black woman  another sobbs on command   

Fatten him for winter   catch the human  furniture         too  many  commands     in literature    too few  questions  that  are their   own   answer         Never  anticipate  the voice  on the other  end     what is your  miserable  comfort?   

                                                                                              Step   right   up       step   right      up        
That auction chemistry is critical  and    delicate