Tuesday, March 7, 2017

For real niggas who ain't got no feelings

Helicopter pilots  look  at the sun and the   propellers give them  seizures   

Yes Child,  Sing it   

And the violence of the beat began to calm  the violence in my heart    

Draw me nearer , eyedropper full of clear skies

The stage lights  swung  like   circus   lights    

Get it, gurl          

It's  sad to   see a window   shatter   

Sure  is    ,   matter   of    fact      

ten   just     this          tensile    weekend   of   sundowns        send  someone / anyone   

Did you  let  the sun    catch   you    crying     ?     Send  N  u  d   e   s    

             seen       shy/inklings   

Three times       only    three times    

  the  machine survives   our light   addiction but your stillness falls  from the clouds  to catch it

that was an astonishing surrender

what an astonishing surrender   

such an astonishing          surrender